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Four great reasons to choose tiled flooring in your home

Tiled flooring has been a great choice for homeowners for decades. Not only do tiles look effortlessly elegant and clean, they are durable, easy to maintain and have a relatively affordable price tag.

More and more, tiles are used across the entire home, not just restricted to bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. So why should you consider tiled flooring?

The aesthetic

Tiled flooring is endlessly flexible and comes in different shapes, sizes and designs. Choose Travertine tiles for a classy look, large-format white or dark grey tiles for a minimalist aesthetic or go for geometric porcelain tiles for a more contemporary feel. Tiled flooring affords you the opportunity to match your flooring to your wall colour, creating a truly seamless look.

Furthermore, you can dress up your living room and bedroom tiles with textured area rugs to add colour and warmth – and when the rug goes out of style, simply update it with a new one.


Simply put, with proper care, tiles are made to last. With an average lifespan that far exceeds most other flooring options, you’ll find that properly maintained tiled flooring can last a lifetime.  Tiled flooring is water resistant and often scratch resistant – which is helpful if you have pets and kids.

Easy to maintain

For busy households, convenience is everything. If you like to wear shoes in the house, tiles are ideal as they don’t absorb moisture, hold soil and are almost impervious to long-term stains. Spilled hot coffee on your tiles? No problem, clean with a mop and all will be gucci.

It’s now even easier to deep clean your grout

We’ve spoken about the benefits of tiles, now let’s address the elephant in the room – the grout! We all know that dirt, grime and grease can build up in the grout lines over time and create a haven for bacteria. And it can make your home look unclean – even if you’ve mopped, swept and vacuumed.

So how on earth do you keep floor tile grout looking beautifully clean and sparkling?  Well, you can go the professional tile and grout cleaning route, but the costs quickly add up. Then there’s the old-fashioned scrubbing on your hands and knees option which is very time consuming.

Fortunately, now there’s a do-it-yourself deep cleaning option with the Britex Grout and Tile system.

The Britex grout and tile cleaning wand uses a combination of bristles and a sponge in one handy head – bristles get in between the tiles to scoop out grime, then the sponge wipes the tiles clean. Used in tandem with the Britex Deep Cleaner, the hot water extraction system simultaneously sucks up all the dirty water, rather than pushing it back into the grout lines, as a regular mop would. The result is a seriously clean and streak-free finish.  No more dirt, no more grime, just clean tiles and fresh grout!

To maintain that clean grout look, we recommend deep cleaning your tiles with the Britex system at least once every year. And any complaints of unsightly grout, will soon disappear.

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