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DIY carpet cleaning – Save time and money over hiring professionals

DIY versus Professional carpet cleaning                   

Carpet has a unique way of dressing up our home, adding a level of sophistication and warmth to interior decorating. To maintain the appearance and cleanliness your carpet, regular deep cleaning is vital. Infact, we recommend deep cleaning your carpet every 12-18 months.  And no, we don’t mean the usual vacuuming routine. The big question is “do I hire a professional to deep clean my carpets? Or do I DIY by hiring a rental machine?”.

Here’s some compelling reasons to go for the DIY option over hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Save hundreds of dollars

The savings! When it comes to professional carpet cleaning services, the costs can quickly add up, especially when you pay attention to the fine print on advertised deals. At times there can be hidden charges or extras that means you need to pay more than the initial quote. DIY carpet cleaning rates are extremely competitive and allow you to stay in control of your cleaning expenses. Depending on the size of your home and the state of your carpet, you can save hundreds of dollars from cleaning carpet yourself. For larger homes with carpeted living areas, the savings can be as high as $400-500.  Want to clean just a few rooms or an area rug? Opt for a shorter hire time and fewer cleaning solutions. Simply put, the DIY carpet cleaning route is often a fraction of the cost of hiring a carpet cleaning professional.

DIY machines with professional results 

A common misconception is that professional carpet cleaning systems will outperform your average DIY rental machine. The Britex cleaning machine was voted by Choice as the number 1 carpet shampooer. Infact, the Britex DIY Deep Cleaning Machine is precision-engineered with commercial-grade parts to deliver professional cleaning results.

The Britex machine utilises a hot water extraction system – a system favoured by many professional carpet cleaning services –  that reaches deep into carpet fibres and fabric furnishings. The Britex machine’s powerful suction easily extracts dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens and general nasties up and away from your carpet.

The Britex machine and cleaning products are certified and supported by the National Asthma Council of Australia, are pet and family safe, and bio-degradable.

DIY is easier than ever!

Australians love to DIY – and carpet cleaning is no exception. The Britex Deep Carpet Cleaner has been designed so it’s easy to set up, and even easier to clean with. Plus, there is an abundance of instructional videos and how to-guides on our website to step you through the process. Need to troubleshoot? Call our helpline 7 days a week for assistance on 1800 804 973.

Clean at your own pace and to your standard

With DIY carpet cleaning, you can be in control of your cleaning schedule and cleaning preferences. Need to have your carpets done before grandma’s surprise visit next week and can’t find a professional steam cleaner to come immediately? Simply pick up a Britex cleaner and clean when it suits you.

Want to ensure each and every corner of your home is properly cleaned to your high standards? Take control with a DIY machine, knowing you will do the job thoroughly.

When you weigh up the options for deep cleaning your carpets, it’s clear that you don’t have to break the bank. Simply do-it-yourself by hiring a Britex machine from Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths and selected Coles, IGA and Mitre 10 stores.

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