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5 reasons to deep clean your carpets in winter

The cooler months are now well and truly upon us! Some people perceive DIY deep carpet cleaning as a job for spring or summer, when temperatures are warmer. The truth is, you can deep clean your carpets all year round. Here’s 5 great reasons to give your home a DIY deep clean in winter:

1) Winter hibernation is more enjoyable with clean carpet and rugs!

Winter means more weekends hibernating in front of Netflix or the football, more indoor entertaining with friends and the general urge to take to the couch (or floor) with a comfy cushion and doona to hibernate. This is far more enjoyable when you know that the rug or carpet you’re lounging on not only looks beautifully clean, but the deep down nasties (dirt, bacteria and allergens) have been banished with hot water extraction.

2) Heating helps dry time

If you’re already cranking up the heating, why not take advantage of that and do a carpet deep clean while you’re at it. Upping the heating helps you to speed up the dry time in cooler weather. If you have central heating, even better! If you don’t, why not plan a family trip to the movies after cleaning to give your carpet a chance to dry. What’s better than quality family time and coming back to deep-cleaned, allergen-free carpets!

3) Reduce the bugs from winter illnesses

Unfortunately winter is a time where we contract more colds, viruses and the dreaded gastro. If you want to sanitise your house after an outbreak of illness –  especially if a family member has misfired and thrown up on the couch or carpet – a deep clean can remove bacteria that normal vacuuming or spot cleaning just won’t reach. For the really stubborn stains and lingering odours pre-treat with Britex Urine Remover or Britex Spot n Stain first.

4) Winter sports

If you’ve ever had little footy or soccer players run inside after a wet-weather game, their knees caked with mud as they climb over your pale couch, then perhaps a deep clean of the upholstery is in order. Followed by enforcement of the ‘straight to the shower after sport’ rule.

5) Your pets shed less fur in cooler months

Furry family members tend to shed less hair in the cooler winter months. May to August can be a great time to deep clean and remove the build-up of cat and dog fur that regular vacuuming won’t remove.

If you have tiled floors, deep cleaning your floor grout and tiles is another great job to tick off in winter. Drying times are similar to that of regular mopping, but with an added benefit of deep cleaning to remove grime, dirt and general nasties.

Once the winter cleaning is done, it’s time to sit back and relax.  You will have a beautifully cleaned house, PLUS all that DIY cleaning is a great workout. Time to break out the chocolates and wine – or even better, order in pizza! You’ve earnt it!

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