Machine Troubleshooting

Try refilling the Clean water tank (B) Tank with clean water and appropriate amounts of Britex cleaning solution. Ensure the small solution hose is still connected at the front valve connection and the other end to the carpet wand; try a disconnect and reconnect.

Push the pump button on and hold in the spray lever on wand whilst the wand is on the ground or in a low position.  Hold in spray lever for 2 minutes to check for an airlock within the wand.

Empty the dirty water tank.  Ensure the Dome lid is on Tank A and that the vacuum hose is connected to the dome lid spout and the other end to the wand pole.

Turn on the VAC button and check for vacuum suction. Disconnect vacuum hose from the dome lid and wand and check for vacuum suction from dome lid. Disconnect thick VAC hose and flush with water at high pressure.  Do the same with the floor wand.

Check to see if you have set up the machine properly.

Empty out tank (A) and clean the dome lid filter thoroughly. Check for signs of overflow below tank (A), and if so, dry with a towel or cloth. Replace tank (A) and turn the VAC button on and allow for water to drain from the overflowing pipe. If water is leaking from the carpet wand and hose, try a disconnect and reconnect.

Disconnect the solution hose from the wand and machine, firmly pull back and hold the sleeve of the brass fitting of the solution hose, connect the the solution hose into the brass fitting all the way, and release the sleeve to lock securely in place. Repeat steps for the machine.

Ensure the machine is connected to a power supply, and the switch is switched on.

Do not use an extension lead or power board.  Turn on the Pump and Vac buttons.  If an RCD device is attached to the power cord, press in the RESET button fully to reset.

Check the machine by plugging into another power outlet or a different location.


First check the recovery Tank A is empty. Add another 50mls of Britex Defoamer to Tank A.

Ensure the Dome lid is on securely, and all hoses connected.

Turn on the Vacuum button and make extra passes with the Floor wand; without holding the trigger.This will remove any excess moisture from the pile.
If the carpet still feels stiff after using the Britex deep cleaning machine, it’s most likely you still have some detergent remnants in carpet fibers. DO NOT apply any more detergent.  Using the Britex perform A WATER ONLY  rinse over the affected area. Vacuum thoroughly and allow to dry.

The Britex cleaner is perfect for food and drink spills. We recommend removing any excess solids or moisture from the stain with a paper towel. Then spray directly with the Britex Spot n Stain remover.

Next clean affected areas with the Britex deep cleaning machine, perform additional passes when required. Allow to dry and repeat the process 2- 4 hours later to achieve the best results.

Over-wetting can sometimes cause issues if the carpet remains damp for too long.

If over-wetting occurs, your first step should be to try to remove as much moisture as possible by repeating vacuum-only passes.

During the cleaning process you MUST NOT continually hold in the lever on the floor wand or upholstery wand, this will cause over-saturation and prolong drying time.

To maximise drying time and prevent over-saturation ensure you are making extra Vacuum-Only passes (without holding in the lever).  Perform these vacuum-only passes after every ‘wet’ cleaning pass.
Over-wetting can sometimes result in musty odours due to the carpet remaining damp for too long. Always allow the carpet to dry thoroughly.

If weather permits open windows and doors to increase air circulation or use fans, heat or air conditioning to speed up the drying process.

Britex machines have extremely powerful vacuum motors and do an excellent job of removing liquid from carpets. However, if musty smell develops, allow carpet to completely dry and re-clean using the Britex Odour Blaster; either sprayed directly on the carpet or combined with the machine. Britex Odour Blaster contains active enzymes that will attack and neutralise bad odours.  Follow the instructions above to help accelerate drying and prevent musty odours.

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