First check the recovery Tank A is empty. Add another 50mls of Britex Defoamer to Tank A.

Ensure the Dome lid is on securely, and all hoses connected.
Turn on the Vacuum button and make extra passes with the Floor wand; without holding the trigger.This will remove any excess moisture from the pile.

You may need to Top up your water supply.
Remember to refill the back Clean water Tank B with Fresh clean, hot tap water and

Britex Heavy Duty carpet cleaner. Also dispose of the dirty water from recovery Tank A.

And Add another 50mls of Britex Defoamer to Tank A.

If the carpet still feels stiff after using the Britex machine and Heavy duty carpet cleaner, it’s most likely you still have some detergent still in the carpet fibers. Please do not apply any more detergent.  Using the Britex perform a Water Only rinse over the affected area. Vacuum thoroughly and allow to dry.

It can be tricky!   This connection has a ‘Pull back’ brass sleeve.   Pull down and hold back the sleeve.Whilst at the same time, push the wand piece into the fitting firmly. Then release sleeve to secure.

The Britex cleaner is perfect for food and drink spills. We recommend removing any excess

solids or moisture from the stain with a paper towel. Then spray directly with Spot & Stain remover.

Next use the Britex machine to spray water solution and vacuum up thoroughly.

Allow to dry and repeat the process 2- 4 hours later to achieve the best results.

Use the Britex to remove the stain and odour caused by your beloved four legged friend…

Clean the area thoroughly using the Britex carpet cleaner. Allow to dry and repeat if required.
Liberly spray Britex Odour Eliminator over the area to remove the last of the odour for good!

The Britex will deep clean and rejuvenate even the most tired carpet!

For best results allow the mud to dry, then vacuum the solid dirt on top of the pile using your regular house-hold vacuum cleaner. Next using the Britex machine and Heavy duty carpet cleaner, spray and vacuum up the excess moisture. Allow to dry naturally.

The short answer is No!

Britex heavy duty carpet detergent is specially formulated to penetrate the carpet fibres and remove dust, dirt and grime. The recommended dosage is the right amount needed for each tank refill. Adding too much detergent can leave your carpet feeling sticky, coarse and stiff. For lovely Soft and clean carpet follow the directions on the bottle.

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