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Why we trust DIY carpet cleaning over hiring professionals

Find out why being ripped off by a professional cleaning business was a blessing in disguise for this young couple.

About a year ago my husband and I asked a question whether to hire a DIY or professional carpet cleaning, the answer seemed simple, we began considering hiring professional carpet cleaning service. We both work pretty crazy hours, and we were sick of spending half the weekend scrubbing our carpets. We had a look online and found a cleaning service based nearby with good reviews. Their prices were a little steep, but we figured it would be money well spent. How wrong we were…

We came home that evening to a house that at first glance seemed quite clean. Tabletops had been wiped, dining chairs neatly aligned. It was only when we inspected the carpets and rugs up close that we noticed old stains had not come out. This was something we had discussed with the cleaners, who assured us that their deep cleaning methods would erase even the most stubborn stains. We were disappointed. We’d forked out all this money for sub-standard results, that made us start asking the question again, DIY or professional carpet cleaning.

Since that unsuccessful foray into hired help, my husband and I have taken care of our household cleaning ourselves. Not long afterwards, we went on the hunt for supplies, figuring we’d need to hit several stores for the right mix of carpet care products. But this wasn’t the case. We came across the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine, the only Australian made and owned DIY carpet cleaning solution, on display in Bunnings along with its range of cleaning solutions. We decided to give it a go and hired the machine for a very reasonable price. Since then we’ve never looked back.

My husband and I hardly have to make time to clean now. A quick once-over is all it takes for the carpets to be looking brand new again. It was amazing to see how much dirt the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine extracted from our carpets that first time, only days after I’d last vacuumed. The machine is so easy to use and it’s really affordable too.

Britex has been a godsend – it’s saved us time, money and hassle, and allowed us to take control of our carpet cleaning. We actually enjoy cleaning our house now, which is something neither of us ever thought we would say. So if you ask yourself whether you should go with DIY or professional carpet cleaning, choose DIY.

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