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Spring cleaning: How to get your kids involved

With school holidays just around the corner, why not keep the kids busy with some spring cleaning? Getting the kids involved not only teaches them the importance of doing their chores, but with more hands on deck, you’re also able to enjoy a mess-free home so much more frequently.

Turn up the playlist

The easiest way to keep everyone’s energy high is to play some upbeat tunes. Nothing brings people together like music does, so why not turn up your favourite songs and boogie while you clean. We guarantee that you and the kids will be dying to get cleaning again as soon as it’s over.

Ensure you have the proper cleaning tools

Before settling down and tackling dust, dirt and grime, make sure you’ve stocked up on the right cleaning tools. Rags, brooms and mops should be in supply. There’s nothing quite like our Britex Spot ‘n’ Stain remover to safely and efficiently tackle common household stains. Our  Britex Odour Blaster is the perfect product to get rid of foul odours, and we’re sure that an odour-free home is the first step to a clean home. Keep the kids responsible for their own messes as well with our new easy-to-use Britex Carpet & Upholstery Wipes so that they can clean up as soon as they’ve accidentally made a mess.

Team up

For a more efficient approach, split into teams to distribute the tasks amongst different groups or members of the family. This will rapidly minimize the actual time spent cleaning too. Kids, especially siblings love to compete, so something as simple as introducing a competition element will spice things up and motivate most kids to participate as well.

Make decision-making an involved process

When decluttering the house, let the kids help decide which items will be kept, which will be stored and which will be thrown away or donated. By involving your children in this process, you’re not only speeding up the process, but you’re also allowing them to be more mindful of the items that they possess.

Plan a reward

A special treat for the family after a hard day’s work lets the kids know that you appreciate their help and allows them to understand what it means to work for a reward. Happy workers are more likely to be willing to help again, and you can even work towards making this your little family tradition.

Make spring cleaning a fun bonding activity with Britex!

When it comes to cleaning your home, Britex products got you covered. To view our range of cleaning solutions, spot cleaners and carpet wipes, click on the learn more button below. Happy spring cleaning!


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