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How to keep your bathroom sparkling clean with little effort

There’s nothing worse than a dirty, grimy bathroom, which is why it’s incredibly important to keep it squeaky clean so that you can truly feel fresh straight after use. There’s no denying that using a clean, sanitary bathroom makes the whole experience a whole lot better!

Don’t let the task of cleaning your bathroom become overwhelming. With the help of our easy-to-follow checklist, enjoy a sparkling bathroom all the time!

Bathroom cleaning checklist

  • Spray your mirrors. Wipe with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion until the surface is polished and streak-free.
  • Clean the cabinets. Wipe the cabinets with a dry microfiber cloth, then repeat the process with a damp cloth dipped in a vinegar and water solution. Work from top to bottom. Polish the knobs and rinse.
  • Clean your counters and taps. Spray the counters and taps with a vinegar and water solution. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to break down the grime. Then wipe with a slightly abrasive sponge and rinse off. For extra stubborn stains, try the Britex Spot n’ Stain.
  • Scrub the sink. Wipe the sink with a damp clean cloth. Rinse then spray with a vinegar and water solution. Scrub the drain with a toothbrush. Scrub the rest of the sink with a sponge until there is no grime build-up. Rinse again.
  • Clean the bath and shower. Clean your bath and shower with a baking soda and vinegar mixture. Simply scrub first with baking soda and then spray vinegar over the top. Rinse with warm water.
  • Disinfect the toilet. Sanitise the toilet with a bleach-based solution. Scrub the toilet from the outside and into the bowl rim. Pour a toilet-cleaning solution into the toilet and let it sit for about 10 minutes before scrubbing it with a toilet brush and flushing.
  • Elliminate foul odours. Smells are a good indicator of a clean or dirty bathroom. When it comes to foul odours, use Britex Odour Blaster, its advanced enzyme formula effectively neutralises and destroys bacteria causing the offensive odour.

Keep your bathroom clean and fresh with Britex!

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