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Kitchen cleaning for the festive season

The holidays are merely weeks away and your kitchen will be seeing a lot of action soon. Hosting a celebration means not just prepping the house, but also preparing meals for everyone to enjoy. However, before you can be ready to host, you need to make sure that your kitchen is sparkling clean and ready to handle the festivities! Here’s our checklist for kitchen cleaning for the festive season.

The kitchen counters

  • Start kitchen cleaning by decluttering the kitchen counters. Sort the objects into things you could use later and things you need to throw out.
  • Once the clutter has been sorted, wipe down the countertops, cabinet doors and handles. Remove stubborn stains and sticky residue with a clean piece of cloth and Britex Spot n’ Stain, a powerful, fast-acting, all-purpose stain remover.
  • To remove odours from vinyl and other hard surfaces in the kitchen, use the Britex Odour Blaster. Its advanced enzyme formulation is designed to break down bad odours and leave your space smelling clean.

The appliances

  • Clean the refrigerator – You need to prepare some space for salads, meats & desserts. It’s time to throw away everything that’s past its prime.
  • Scrub down the stovetop – Wipe away the grease and other debris that has accumulated in the grates and burners.
  • Clean out the oven and microwave – You’re going to be baking and roasting a lot, so make sure your oven and microwave are in top condition for some heavy-duty cooking. Remove any food residue and wipe away the grease and stains.

The pantry

  • Get things organised by ensuring you have all the ingredients needed for the dishes you’re going to prepare.
  • Check that your pans, casserole dishes and the like are in the appropriate sizes and that you have the space for storage, especially if you’re cooking big batches.
  • Stock up on storage containers and materials like tupperwares, plastic wraps and aluminium foils.

The floor

  • Sweep and vacuum the floor.
  • For a deeper clean, use the Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner. Used in conjunction with the Britex Grout & Tile cleaning system, it ensures that your tiled floor is revitalised and squeaky clean. It effectively clears away the dirt, grease, soap scum and other stains that might be clinging to your kitchen floor.

Get ready for a clean, sparkling holiday season with Britex!

Britex offers DIY deep cleaning solutions for carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery. Our customers enjoy an affordable and effective way to deep clean their homes and businesses. All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

Happy holiday cleaning with Britex!


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