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In Australia’s competitive real estate market, selling your house for the price you want often comes down to a potential buyer’s first impression. One element that can prove a make-or-break come inspection day is the condition of your carpets. People expect their new home’s floors to be well maintained and stylish. Often, however, we don’t have the cash to fork out for a professional cleaning service. Britex solves this dilemma, offering affordable, high-quality DIY carpet cleaning that will ensure your pad is looking spick and span and market-ready.

Are your carpets and upholstery sporting all the physical hallmarks of a fun-filled home life? Wine stains from dinner parties, or lipstick marks on the furniture from when the kids were playing dress up? These are fond memories that are sure to live on, but that doesn’t mean the stains have to.

The powerful Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine and accessories are all you need when it comes to bringing new life to your carpets and upholstery. The Britex Machine’s hot water extraction system gets to the base of your carpet fibres where all those nasty allergens and germs lurk. And the unique Upholstery Wand is great for cleaning other furnishings such as lounge suites, outdoor furniture and mats.

Perhaps the best thing about using Britex is the convenience. Available for hire at your local Bunnings, Coles, Woolies, and other retailers, the Britex Carpet Cleaner is easy to use, lightweight and it takes only a matter of hours for you to see amazing results. (You can also buy the machine from Bunnings or online at Preparing your property for sale is already stressful enough without having to worry about inviting strangers in and working around their schedules. With Britex, you can do it all in your own time.

Britex allows you to take control of your carpet cleaning so that you’re better placed to sell your home. Presenting your home in the best light will improve your chances of impressing possible buyers, subsequently creating more opportunities to sell at your desired price.

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We understand how challenging it can be to keep your house neat, tidy, and free of germs. However, cleaning shouldn’t be a hassle. A few