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I came home to a trashed pad and I didn’t even care!

After my roommates threw a wild house party, the place was a complete mess. But I knew i could rely on Britex.

My roommates decided to throw a house party a few weeks back. “Just a couple people dropping by” they said. I didn’t mind; I was staying overnight at my girlfriend’s place. When I got home the next morning, though, it was clear that there’d been a few more than just a “couple” people there. Pizza boxes were strewn about the place and drink stains littered the carpet. There were unexplainable marks on the rugs and the lounge pillows. My apartment resembled a crime scene.

My roommates, bleary-eyed and barely responsive, said they’d sort it out and hire a cleaner. As tempting as that sounded, I told them it wasn’t necessary. My girlfriend had been using a machine called the Britex Carpet Cleaner on her carpet and upholsteries, and she swore by it. She hired one once every six months from Woolies for an absolute bargain. I told my roommates I’d swing by and pick one up.

By the time I got back, they’d woken up so I put them to work. We all chipped in, and we were done cleaning the carpets and the furniture in next to no time. The stains on the carpets lifted almost instantly, and the amount of dirt that was sucked up was astonishing – I wasn’t aware we’d been living in such filth. While waiting for everything to dry, my mates, by way of an apology, took me out for lunch. When we got home, it was like entering a brand new apartment.

It’s probably only a matter of time before my roommates throw the next ‘small’ house party – and that’s okay. All it will take is a quick trip to Woolies to sort out the mess (I’ll just make sure I send one of them down while I sleep in!)

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