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When hiring a Britex carpet cleaner, you will need to present two forms of ID and your mobile phone number for validation. ID must include your Australian driver’s license and a 2nd ID that shows your address such as a utility bill or bank statement.

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Why hire a Britex deep cleaner?

Hiring a Britex carpet cleaner saves you time and money.  Are you needing to spot clean  a small area of carpet or an area rug? Hire a Britex cleaner, opt for a shorter hire time and clean away! With Britex hire prices, you can experience professional grade cleaning results, at a fraction of the cost of hiring cleaning professionals.

Be in control of your own cleaning schedule and preferences with Britex. Britex carpet cleaners are available to hire at over 1,500 participating stores across Australia. Simply hire a Britex carpet cleaner any time and clean when it suits you. Don’t spend your time comparing professional carpet cleaner quotes. Take cleaning into your own hands and DIY to ensure your carpet is cleaned to your high standards.

The Britex deep cleaner is easy to set up and use. Our range of instructional videos and how-to-guides can help you through the hiring and cleaning process. And if you have particular questions or need to trouble shoot, call Britex on 1800 904 873. Our customer service team are experts in carpet cleaning hire machines. Britex hires carpet cleaning machines to thousands of customers each year with outstanding results.

A surface clean or vacuuming is not a deep clean. The Britex hire machine uses the power of hot water extraction to deliver a thorough clean, reaching deep down into carpet fibres to remove dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria. Infact hot water extraction is a system favoured by many professional carpet cleaning services as it delivers a hygienic result while being gentle on carpet fibres.

what will I need?

Britex DIY deep cleaning machine


Britex carpet cleaning wand

Carpet Wand

Britex carpet cleaning solution

Carpet Cleaner

Britex defoamer

De- foamer


Britex upholstery tool

Upholstery Wand

Britex upholstery cleaning solution

Upholstery Cleaner

Britex defoamer

De- foamer


Britex Grout and Tile wand head

Grout & tile wand

Britex grout & tile cleaner

Grout & tile cleaner

Britex grout & tile brush refill

Grout & tile brush refill

Available at Bunnings:   

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  1L of carpet cleaner covers approx. 60m2

(3 average sized bedrooms)

  2L of carpet cleaner covers approx. 120m2

(6 average sized bedrooms)

  500ml of de-foamer for every 1L of carpet cleaner.


Ready to clean? Watch our how to videos.

Like all deep cleaning machines, the Britex Deep Cleaner produces noise during cleaning. The machine features an industrial grade vacuum which is part of the reason it delivers such a powerful clean. The sound levels of the Britex machine have been tested independently and fall within the parameters of what is considered safe.  Britex sound levels are less than that of other household appliances such as a hair dryer or food blender.

For your comfort during cleaning you may choose to wear ear muffs. When the machine is resting on a hard floor surface, we suggest placing a towel under the machine to absorb some of the noise.


Hiring a Britex carpet machine is easy. Here are some considerations and tips to help you with the hiring and cleaning process!

The Britex carpet cleaning machine can be hired on a 24-Hour or 48-Hour basis. Select the time period that will allow you to clean the areas of the home you need to clean. Want to clean the cars, boat or caravan as well? Then consider opting for the longer 48-hour hire period.

You can hire a Britex machine from over 1,500 retail locations across Australia including Bunnings Warehouse and Woolworths. Selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores also hire out the Britex cleaning system. To find where to hire carpet cleaners, click here .

Once you’re at the store and ready to hire a Britex carpet cleaner, you will need to present two forms of ID and a mobile phone number for validation. Your ID must include your Australian driver’s license and a 2nd ID that shows your address such as a bank statement or utility bill.

The Britex hire machine offers an interchangeable wand system, allowing you to clean multiple surfaces with one machine.

Carpet Cleaner Hire

Use the Britex carpet wand to clean household carpets and rugs. You will also need Britex Carpet Cleaning solution and defoamer, available for purchase from the Britex hire stand at your participating retail outlet.

 Upholstery Cleaner Hire

For upholstery, car seats and boat interiors, hire the Britex upholstery wand. The upholstery wand is ideal for cleaning fabrics, stairs and other hard to reach areas in your home. You will also need Britex Upholstery Cleaning solution and defoamer, available for purchase from the Britex hire stand at your participating retail outlet.

Floor Grout and Tile Cleaner Hire

For floor grout and tiles, hire the Britex grout and tile floor wand from Bunnings Warehouse. Its unique bristle and sponge cleaning head is designed to simultaneously deep clean floor grout while refreshing floor tiles. The Britex machine’s powerful hot water extraction system then suctions dirt and grime up and away from your floor, leaving a sparkling and revitalised finish. You will also need Britex Grout & Tile floor cleaning solution and a Brush refill. For a floor tile cleaning machine, or floor washer that tackles grout look no further than Britex.

Cleaning machine terminology

A hot water extraction machine is sometimes referred to as a carpet steam cleaner, floor steam cleaner or carpet shampooer. Carpet steam cleaning utilises steam, whereas hot water extraction uses hot water and cleaning solutions to penetrate deep into carpet fibres. Hot water extraction can also be referred to as carpet shampooing. There are a variety of floor washing rental alternatives in the market.  Britex DIY cleaners are reliable, effective  and available to rent from retail outlets all across Australia. To hire a Britex Cleaner, or hire a carpet shampooer, click here .Britex has carpet cleaners for hire in every state.

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