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What’s hiding in your carpet?

Soft to the touch while adding warmth and comfort, it’s no wonder carpet-flooring has become the flooring of choice for many households. On one hand, it adds a luxurious look, while at the same time offering functional benefits such as reducing noise levels and providing thermal insulation during both the warmer and colder months of the year. However, when not regularly cleaned, carpets can act as a magnet for allergens and general nasties with the potential to hide some of the worst things you can imagine.

Let’s take a look at what could be hiding in your family rugs…

1) Dirt, dust and soil

Some of the most common particles found within carpet fibers are dirt, dust and soil. Regular foot traffic carries dirt and soil residue from the outdoors into your home. Shoes aren’t the only major culprit here either, many of our belongings including bags and wallets can also be carriers for these unwanted dirt particles. A study in the U.S. found that approximately 40 pounds (equivalent to 18 kilograms) of harmful dust accumulates in the average household every year. Not only can this be a health concern, a buildup of dirt can also be abrasive to your carpet fibers causing premature carpet wear.

2) Pet hair, dander and skin flakes

Another set of common culprits lurking deep within our carpets are pet hair, dander and skin flakes. Did you know an average person sheds 1.5 million skin flakes per day? Couple that with the fact that our furry friends tend toshed all year round, it’s not a stretch to think of your carpet as an all-inclusive buffet for dust mites which  feed on pet dander and skin flakes in your carpet. Which leads us to our next point.

3) Bugs & bacteria

And by bugs, we mean tiny ones like dust mites, ticks and fleas. Not only can mites cause irritation through their molted skin and waste, the mites themselves are also one of the main causes of allergies. Then there’s bacteria. Delicate carpet fibers serve as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can be brought into our home on our shoes. Bacteria can continue to multiply and form colonies if not removed from your carpet. In fact, your carpet can be one of the many hotspots where germs hide inside our homes.

4) Mildew and mould

The unfortunate reality for homes in humid and warmer climates is the presence of mould and your carpet can be one of the places where it gathers. Many carpets are made from soft and delicate fibers that are absorbent to moisture and these fibers can offer the right conditions for mould to grow. Like dust mites, mould spores are common allergens that can cause irritation and in turn trigger asthmatic responses.

5) Food residue and drinks

Food residue and drinks are one of the most common substances we spill onto our carpet and rugs. After all, accidents do happen, particularly when children are involved. While you may try your best to immediately remove any excess moisture or crumbs, tiny food particles can make their way into the delicate fibers of your carpet where they serve as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other bugs. Spilled food or drinks can also develop an odour overtime, despite your best efforts to clean them.

Carpet offers a comfort and luxury that you simply don’t get with hard flooring. So how can we remove the nasties that may be hiding in the fibers and ensure a healthy home?  The good news is that regular vacuuming does a great job of removing a great deal of these nasties. But what about the nasties nestled deep down that normal vacuuming won’t reach?

Since hiring professional carpet cleaning services can sometimes be costly, Britex Carpet Care offers an alternative to professionally cleaned carpets, at an affordable price. The Britex deep cleaning machine is Australian’s preferred choice for DIY carpet cleaning and has been providing Aussie homes with professionally cleaned carpet results for over 30 years. Not only will you save time and money by taking the DIY route, the Britex deep cleaning machine offers cleaning results that rivals many professional carpet cleaning services on the market.

Britex tip: Did you know using a Britex Carpet Cleaner with Britex Cleaning Solutions in a high-traffic office area, reduced the bacterial load by up to 99.95%?

Britex deep cleaners feature a hot-water extraction system, a system favored by many professional carpet cleaning services due to their cleaning performance and reliability. The Britex deep cleaner channels hot water and cleaning solution deep within carpet fibers, thoroughly cleaning and removing dirt, dust, soil and pet hair. The machine’s powerful motor suctions the water and nasties right up, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

While you are cleaning, consider tackling 5 other surprising hotspots n your home as well as reading our tips on how to create a germ free household.

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