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What Makes The Britex 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine So Special?

While you might not notice it, over time your home can become a holding ground for a cacophony of different dirties: dirt, allergens, bacteria, stains, pet hair and dander, even just plain old dust. While you might already undertake surface cleaning on a semi-regular basis for things like kitchen counters, coffee tables and the bathroom (why not try the Britex Everyday Range?), and maybe you get out the vacuum cleaner to help manage carpets and upholstery, the truth is these may often not be enough. Periodic deep cleaning not only captures many more contaminants than regular cleaning, it also helps to revitalise the appearance of your home (not to mention the health benefits of reducing the presence of bacteria and allergens, right?!)

The Britex 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine uses hot water extraction to reach deep into the fabric fibres to effectively remove all these negative elements that regular cleaning just can’t touch! Basically, hot water extraction involves using Britex solutions to break down and loosen any of the nasties, then spraying hot water onto the fabric fibres before vacuuming them immediately to flush everything out making everything fresh again! And the dirty water that comes out at the end really does speak for itself!

But Why Do It Yourself With Britex?

By now you must have seen our marketing taglines. “Get That Britex Clean Feeling” or “Job Done Right. Job Done Britex.” Basically, they both mean that if you want to have your home cleaned properly, do it yourself. They also suggest that the satisfaction you get from having done it yourself is next to none! And finally, of course, only Britex can give you the deep clean that you really want.

More so, you’ll save money when hiring a Britex 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine. With hire from as little as $38.60 per day, and the cost of solutions less than that (and they last for a long time), why wouldn’t you do it yourself? Of course, Britex machines can be hired from over 1,400 locations across Australia, including at Bunnings Warehouses as well as selected Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Mitre10 and many more independent retailers. Find your nearest stockist today!




The Britex Cleaning Calendar

We understand how challenging it can be to keep your house neat, tidy, and free of germs. However, cleaning shouldn’t be a hassle. A few