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Britex Grout & Tile Wand


To purchase, contact Customer Service on 1800 804 973

You can clean your floor grout & tiles to a professional standard with the revolutionary Britex Grout & Tile Wand! 

Our innovative bristle and sponge system is specially designed to scrub away grime from floor grout, while the power of hot water extraction suctions dirty residue off your floors. Clean and refresh your floor tiles to look as good as new! The Britex Grout & Tile Wand can be turned to the vertical position to clean grout, and horizontal position to mop tiles.

Designed specifically for use with the Britex machine. A deep clean is not a surface clean –regular mopping actually pushes dirt into the grout. The Britex system uses hot water extraction to draw dirt and grime out of grout lines.

Leaves a streak-free finish on floor tiles when used with our specially formulated Britex Grout & Tile Cleaner.

Not designed for use in small enclosed spaces such as small bathrooms or for use on wall tiles.

Attached the wand to the large vacuum hose and the small black solution hose as per machine set up.

Rotate the Britex Grout & Tile wand to the vertical position to clean grout, and horizontal position to mop tiles. 

To rotate the grout and tile head, simply press down the lever and move the head to the desired position, ensuring the pin locks securely into the hole.

Turn on the pump only button whilst cleaning grout and tiles then turn on the vac when mopping off excess water.

When extracting water off floor tiles, lift the edge of the mop closest to you slightly off the ground so that mop head is tilted, mop over tiled area, bringing the wand head towards you, extracting water as it goes.

Watch the how-to video for further instructions.