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How to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

Hosting a gathering during the holiday period is undoubtedly stressful. From organizing to getting the house ready for Christmas festivities, not to mention the never-ending list of cleaning that needs to be done But, luckily there’s still time, meaning you can spread out most cleaning tasks over several days.

Here are simple tips to get you started on preparing your home for holiday guests.

Deep clean the bathrooms

A good tip is to start with rooms that require the most effort to avoid feeling overwhelmed later on, and the bathroom is a good place to start. Clean the toilet as well as both sides of the seat and lid. Tackle the stains if needed and scrub to remove all lingering odours. Clear out the shower and tub too. Check for mildew or moulds growing in the corners and the door tracks. Remove all hair strands from the shower drain and scrub the sinks and counters as well.

Polish the mirror for a clearer reflection and remove splatters from toothpaste or creams. Make sure to stock up on supplies as well, including toilet paper, soap and spare hand towels.

Britex tip: Banish foul odours from the bathroom with the Britex Odour Blaster, specifically formulated to attack foul odours at the source, neutralising any bacteria causing the offensive odour.

Clean the guest room

Even if your guests aren’t staying over, it’s still a good idea to make sure the guest room is ready to accommodate them. Dust the ceilings, windowsills and other corners that haven’t been tackled for a while. Strip the bed and vacuum the mattress to remove particle build-up. Wipe down the furniture with a polish to give them a shiny finish. Use a Britex machine with the upholstery attachment for an extra deep furniture and mattress clean. And finally, when you’re re-making the bed, make sure you use freshly laundered linen.

Create a clean, uncluttered space where guests can hang out

When not actively socialising, your guests still need a space where they can sit and just unwind. Polish the tables and chairs and remove the grime that may built up on surfaces with the Britex Spot n Stain formula. The couch and sofa should be stain-free and the throw pillows should be clean and fresh too.

If you have another space available, a suggestion is to fit it with comfortable chairs and small tables for an added living and entertaining space if you’re hosting larger crowds.

Prepare your home for the holidays with Britex!

Britex offers DIY deep cleaning solutions for carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery. We provide an affordable and effective way to deep clean our customers’ homes and businesses. Save time and money this holiday season by doing the cleaning hands-on yourself. All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

Happy cleaning with Britex!


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