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Property damage is a pretty broad term, but we’ve seen time and time again renters stress about the cleanliness of their floors, particularly when moving out. Let us tell you, the end of lease inspection can be pretty rough. Agents may insist you pay professionals to clean your floors. We also hear frequently that professional cleaners haven’t done a good job and you could have paid hundreds of dollars to get the job done for you.

Having said that, depending on which state you’re in, you don’t actually need to pay a professional for your end of lease inspection. Below, we’ve summarised the requirements state by state*, so no matter where you are in Australia, you can get the satisfaction and the quality outcome of cleaning your carpets yourself!


New South Wales

The good news is that, generally speaking, professional cleaning upon end-of-lease is not allowed to be included as a term in any lease, unless you agree to it (typically this occurs when you are keeping pets at the property). The only requirement in New South Wales is that the premises is vacated in substantially the same condition as it was at the start of the lease (allowing for fair wear and tear of course). So, basically short of you having a long-hair cat or dog, you should be completely fine with cleaning your carpets with a Britex 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine!


Bad news, Queenslanders, unfortunately, if your carpets were professionally cleaned prior to your tenancy, then you’ll need to get them professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. However, small silver lining. You are not expected to pay for a Professional cleaning service DURING the course of your tenancy, so if you want to go the more affordable option, hire a Britex 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine at any other time during your lease period, for the satisfaction of knowing you are maintaining your carpets and your upholstery.


The rules in the ACT state that you must return the property in essentially the same condition as when you entered (allowing for wear and tear). The good news is that while a landlord might require professional carpet cleaning upon vacating the premises as a part of the lease agreement, it is only enforceable if the carpet was professionally cleaned prior to the commencement of the lease. So basically, if you want to spend less with a professional result, just do it yourself, ONLY  if the carpets were not cleaned by a professional cleaned prior to you moving in.


Simply put, in Victoria, you are expected to leave the property in a reasonably clean condition. If your rental agreement was signed before 29 March 2021, as long as the property is already reasonably clean you do not need to have professional steam cleaning done (even if it’s a clause in your lease). But if your agreement was signed after that date, if your property was professionally cleaned immediately before you moved in, and you were informed of this, then you’ll need to hire a professional to clean it up. You’ll also need to hire one if the property is in dire straits from a cleanliness perspective. But if you’re on top of your cleaning, it shouldn’t be a problem.


For our most southern state, the rules are that the carpets have to be of the same cleanliness when you leave as when you first moved in. This means, if the carpets were cleaned by a professional  cleaning company when you moved in, you need to have them cleaned by a professional cleaning company them when you leave. BOO!

South Australia

In SA, because essentially while you must leave the property in the same condition you entered it (minus some natural wear and tear), carpet cleaning is not required to be done by a professional cleaning company, EVEN if it’s a condition of the lease! I guess that’s why there’s so much carpet cleaning hire in South Australia!,Act%20and%20would%20be%20unenforceable.

Western Australia

Alright, for our western residents, most of the same applies (returned in the same state of cleanliness you entered with an allowance for reasonable wear and tear), but unfortunately, a landlord can legally require a tenant to have their carpet cleaned by a professional on vacating only if it’s a requirement of the lease. Seems reasonable, but at least if you keep the carpet clean while your there with a Britex 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine, the professional cleaning bill won’t be too large!

*Please ensure you refer to your lease and tenancy act rules in your individual state.

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