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Clean and remove red dirt stains from your home

Your average household spills and stains may be nothing compared to what parts of Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne have experienced to date in 2020. A large coating of red dust accompanied by heavy rain and fierce winds stormed over large regions of NSW, Victoria and South Australia. The aftermath? Dirty pools, muddy cars, ruined laundry, soiled outdoor spaces and in some cases stained carpet. Unlike your average soil and dust, red dirt is quite the nuisance to clean as people who live with it every day in regions such as The Mallee and Central Australia can attest to. Not only does it turn to mud when it’s wet, it’ll easily find its way into clothing, delicate carpet fibres and tight grout lines, leaving a red stain that is quite the eyesore. Here’s a few tips on how to easily clean and remove red dirt stains from your outdoor tiles and other surfaces in your home.

 Removing red dirt stains from outdoor tiles

One golden rule to remember when cleaning red dust is not to oversaturate it with water. Red dirt, also generally known as red clay soils, have very small particles that stick together, and when exposed to water, they turn to mud, which makes cleaning with ordinary household equipment seemingly impossible. Conventional household mops and brooms not only push the dirt deeper into grout lines, oversaturating red soil with water turns it into a muddy concoction, which makes cleaning an absolute nightmare.

Not only is wet red dirt an issue, it’s a whole new ball game when it dries as it tends to cling like concrete onto surfaces. Washing down outdoor tiles with a garden hose won’t work, you will need a hard bristle brush with a strong cleaning detergent to help pry that dirt free. Better yet, and requiring less elbow grease is the Britex Grout & Tile cleaning system. The revolutionary Britex Grout & tile wand, designed for use with Australian’s favourite DIY cleaning system, the Britex Deep Cleaning machine, is your solution to tackling red dirt stains from tiled flooring, restoring your outdoor tiles to their former clean selves.

The main benefit of using the Britex Grout & Tile wand to extract red dust, is the fact that it suctions the dust and water up and away from your tiles, rather than creating large puddles of red mud, which mopping, hosing and pressure cleaning can create. The Britex Grout & Tile wand is specifically designed for use in large open areas of tiled flooring, which makes cleaning outdoor tiled areas a breeze. If your tiles are textured, we recommend purchasing two brush refills if you are cleaning a large area.

 Removing red dirt stains from carpet

Removing dirt from your carpets is a challenging enough task, but when dirt starts staining your carpets, it starts becoming a cleaning nightmare. Unfortunately, red dirt has fine particles that not only easily seep into delicate fibres of your carpet, often when left untreated, will also leave a permanent stain on your rugs. The key to removing red dirt stains is tenacity, there are several cleaning solutions that can do the job, but we recommend using cleaning solutions that are powerful yet gentle on carpets.

Britex Spot n’ Stain is specially formulated and proven to remove stains from carpets, rugs and upholstery. Its fast acting with active enzymes that effectively eat away at stains from the source its Britex Spotguard® formulation, protects your precious fabrics from future stains and spills long after they have been cleaned. To assist with removing red dirt from carpet, the Britex team recommends pre-treating your carpets, rugs or upholstery with Britex Spot n’ Stain, then proceed to deep clean your carpets with the Britex Deep Cleaning machine.

Simple vacuuming is not enough. The Britex deep cleaning machine features a hot water extraction system which channels hot water and cleaning detergent into your carpet fibres and fabric furnishings for a deep clean. The Britex machine’s powerful industrial grade suction easily extracts remnants of red dirt, dust, grime, stains and allergens up and away

Cleaning red dirt stains from your home can be easy with Britex. Skip conventional household cleaning methods and use the Britex machine to suction that red dirt up and away. Britex is an absolute must for red dust!

The Britex Grout & Tile cleaning system including the grout & tile wand is available to hire from Bunnings warehouse.

The Britex deep carpet cleaner and Spot n Stain is available from the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware Stores.

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