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5 Ways to Impress Your Valentine!

Let me guess, you’ve not organised anything for Valentine’s Day, right? And no, a box of chocolates definitely doesn’t count. Well, luckily enough we’ve prepared 5 quick simple things you can do to help impress your valentine, no matter whether you’ve been together for 5 minutes, 5 years or 5 decades.

Pick Up Your Stinky Shoes & Clothes

It’s not good enough to leave your dirty shoes and clothes lying around, making your carpets dirty! Especially not if you’re making your significant other pick them up. And no, this doesn’t make up for not having organised anything for Valentine’s Day… but it’s a start. Maybe you might want to pair this with a nice bouquet of roses, plus a quick scrub of said dirty carpets (maybe using Britex Spot ‘n Stain Carpet Spray, what do you think?).

Fluff Up The Pillows, Make The Bed, Tidy Up Around The Place

With this hint, we’re barely leaving the bedroom thus far (not surprising for Valentine’s Day, I suppose)! Too often the general tidiness of your home is left up to someone else, right? Well, be the better person for once and actually help to make everything look neat and tidy. Fluff up the pillows, make the bed properly, and generally tidy up around the place, right?

Plan Your Weekly Dinner Menu

Regardless of whether you can cook or not, maybe take the initiative and plan out the dinner menu for the week and go shopping for the ingredients too! Obviously, you need to run this by your significant other first, but by taking the lead, taking the initiative, you let your partner know what you want to eat and work with them to plan the rest. Plus, you can pick up some Britex cleaning products while you’re at the shops.

Bring in the Washing

Now, calm down! We’re not telling you to actually do the washing (god forbid). But with the weather still warm, we’re assuming there must be a load of washing on the line, dry as a bone, just waiting to be folded and brought in, right? Maybe you should be the one to do it? Give your partner a break; what do you think? Even if they aren’t hanging up outside, maybe just pull the washing out of the dryer and fold it before they even think about it.

Give The Carpets a Fresh Clean With Britex

Of course, we have to add that the Britex Deep Cleaning Machine is a simple but effective way to win their heart! With the busy season seemingly never ending, no doubt your carpets and tiles are in a desperate state. But thanks to our low prices (less than $30 a day to hire a machine), highly-effective cleaning products and easy-to-use machine, you can make their Valentine’s Day perfect by cleaning the floors. Find your nearest hire facility today!

Good Luck!

Whether you choose to follow our advice or not, just by reading this article you’re telling us you need all the help you can get! Good luck to you, and remember that a Britex 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine is the fastest way to their heart, we promise!

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