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3 ways you can give your home that pre-Christmas refresh

With the festive season approaching, no doubt you must have at least some guests coming over to your home. Of course, it’s been a long year (and very wet in certain parts of the country), so if you’re concerned about the look of your carpets, upholstery and tiles & grout, then know that Britex DIY carpet cleaning is here to help refresh your home. Below we’ve captured 3 simple ways you can refresh your home just in time for Christmas and New Year’s.

Shift Your Furniture and Clean Underneath

People are always cleaning their carpets and tiles & grout around major traffic areas where they often walk. But rarely do people consider the cleanliness of their floors underneath their furniture. From sofas and chairs to beds and drawers, the state of your floor underneath these major pieces can actually contribute to the general state of unclean in a house. One of the best ways to refresh your home pre-Christmas is to move this furniture and get at the floors with a Britex 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine as well as Britex’s range of DIY cleaning products to help remove dust, stains and bad smells.

Deep Clean Your Bathroom

We all hate a dirty bathroom, and while we all (hopefully) clean our bathrooms regularly, it is important to perform a proper deep clean of the bathroom at least every 6 months. Tiles & grout can become filthy without you really noticing… that is, until you use the Britex Tile & Grout Attachment for the 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine. But more than just that, the waterproofing around showers, baths and basins can become surprisingly dirty, as can around the toilet (including the toilet seat and cistern). With Britex’s range of surface wipes, this process can definitely be streamlined, resulting in a sparkling clean bathroom perfectly refreshed for you and your guests.

Air Out Your Entire House

While you’re at it, make sure that you give your house a really good airing out! Moving furniture around can spread dust and cleaning a bathroom often requires strong chemicals; there’s nothing worse at Christmas lunch than being assaulted by unpleasant smells! In time for the festive season, we suggest opening all your windows and doors and letting the stale air out. It doesn’t have to be for a particularly long period of time given how fast DIY carpet cleaning actually is, but we promise you it makes all the difference to have a home that smells so refreshed.

Refresh Your Home and Relax!

The lead up to Christmas can be a chaotic and crazy time, but thanks to Britex you too can get that Britex Clean Feeling of satisfaction knowing that you were the one who refreshed your home. Plus, it’s actually much easier than you think! Learn more about DIY carpet cleaning or find your local hire location in Australia and get to it… there’s not long now until Christmas!

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