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15 Daily Hacks for a Chill and Clutter-Free Home

Ever find yourself wondering how some people effortlessly maintain spotless homes while the rest of us engage in last-minute cleaning frenzies? Well, fret not, as we’ve rounded up 15 casual habits that transform the chaos into cool. From decluttering like a pro to creating a system for the laundry, these easy-going tips will have your home looking chill without breaking a sweat. So, kick back, relax, and let’s dive into the laid-back world of a clutter-free home.


  1. Declutter Like a Boss:

Take a stroll through your space and identify items that have overstayed their welcome. Less stuff means less stress, so make a habit of saying goodbye to things you no longer need or use. Whether it’s clothes, gadgets, or random knick-knacks, a regular decluttering session keeps your home feeling fresh.


  1. No More Junk Drawer Drama:

Instead of hurriedly tossing things into a drawer, consider organizing it. Create designated spaces for different items, making it easier to find what you need when you need it. A little organisation goes a long way in maintaining order beyond the initial clean up.


  1. Buddy Up Similar Stuff:

Keep it simple by storing similar items together. This applies to everything from kitchen utensils to clothing. When everything has a buddy, you spend less time searching and more time enjoying a clutter-free zone.


  1. Find a Home for Everything:

Make your possessions feel special by giving each one a dedicated home. After using something, make it a habit to put it back where it belongs. This way, you’ll always know where to find things, saving you from last-minute scrambles.


  1. Procrastination? Nah. Do It Now:

Embrace the ‘do it now’ mantra. Whether it’s dealing with mail, responding to invites, or handling school notes, tackle tasks as they come in. Avoid the build-up of small chores that can turn into overwhelming tasks.


  1. Touch It Once’ Rule:

Say goodbye to the infamous ‘floordrobe.’ Make it a rule to put things away immediately after use. It may take a bit of practice, but it’s a game-changer in maintaining a consistently tidy living space.


  1. Nightly Cleanup Vibes:

Before hitting the hay, take a few minutes to tidy up. Stack the dishwasher, wipe down surfaces, and put away any stray items. Waking up to a clean slate sets a positive tone for the day.


  1. Smart Shopping Vibes:

Practice mindful shopping. Before adding that item to your cart, ask yourself if you truly need it. Avoid impulse buys based solely on price. A clutter-free home starts with being intentional about what you bring into it.


  1. Clean as You Cook:

Turn cooking into a seamless experience by cleaning as you go. Wipe down surfaces, put away ingredients, and deal with dishes as you cook. A little effort in the kitchen makes for a stress-free post-dinner clean up.

  1. Pantry Goals:

Upgrade your pantry game by investing in jars and labels. Not only does this add a touch of organisation, but it also helps reduce food waste. Stackable jars are a fantastic way to maximise space and keep everything in view.


  1. Shower Power:

Keep your shower sparkling by maintaining a dry bathroom. Invest in tools like a blade for shower screens and super absorbent cloths. A quick daily wipe down prevents soap scum build-up and keeps your bathroom looking and feeling clean.

  1. Laundry Game Strong:

If your wardrobe tends to migrate to the floor, it’s time for a laundry system overhaul. Create a designated spot for dirty clothes and make a habit of using it. Tossing clothes into the laundry basket becomes second nature with a bit of strategic placement.


13.’Finish the Cycle’:

Don’t leave tasks hanging. When it comes to laundry, follow through from washing to drying, folding, and putting away. Completing each step ensures that your living space remains orderly.


  1. Team Effort:

Keep the household chores from piling up on one person’s plate. Create a chores roster, involving everyone in the house. Share the responsibilities, and you’ll find that maintaining a tidy home becomes a collective effort.


  1. Life Happens, Be Cool:

Recognise that life isn’t always picture-perfect. Embrace the chaos when it happens, and don’t stress about the occasional untidiness. Being cool about it makes the journey to a tidy home more enjoyable. After all, it’s the memories created in your space that truly matter.

Incorporating these simple yet effective habits into your daily routine can turn the seemingly daunting task of maintaining a tidy home into a breeze. So, whether you’re tackling a floordrobe or dealing with the aftermath of a busy day, remember that a chill and clutter-free home is just a few laid-back habits away. Cheers to a home that’s as relaxed as you are!

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