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24 Britex machine hire

Britex 24 hour carpet cleaner hire from $38.60

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48 hour Britex machine hire

Britex 48 hour carpet cleaner hire from $47

How to hire a Britex Machine?

It’s simple to hire a Britex Carpet Cleaner to do-it-yourself ! Deep clean your floors and furniture using the power of hot water extraction, for either 24 or 48 hours. Simply enter your postcode into our store locator to find your nearest hire location.

What will I need to hire a Britex Carpet Cleaner?

To hire a Britex carpet cleaner, you will need to present two forms of ID and your mobile phone number for validation. ID must include your Australian driver’s license and a document that shows your address such as a utility bill or bank statement.

Hire a Britex Deep Cleaner from:

Hire from Bunnings, Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 or Home Hardware

Britex Deep Cleaners are available to hire at Bunnings Warehouse and selected Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Mitre 10, Home Hardware and other independent retailers:

What will I need to deep clean with Britex?

Britex DIY deep cleaning machine


Britex carpet cleaning wand

Carpet Wand

Britex 1L Carpet cleaning solution

Carpet Cleaning Solution


Britex upholstery tool

Upholstery Wand

Britex Upholstery Cleaning solution

Upholstery Cleaning Solution


Britex Grout and Tile wand head

Grout & tile wand

Grout & tile cleaner

Britex grout & tile brush refill

Grout & tile brush refill

The Grout & Tile wand is available to hire at Bunnings Warehouse:   Hire Carpet Cleaner Bunnings


  500ml of carpet cleaner covers approx. 60m2

(3 average sized rooms)

  1L of carpet cleaner covers approx. 120m2

(6 average sized rooms)

500ml of grout & tile cleaner covers approx. 60m2


We strongly recommend using Britex Upholstery cleaning solution on fabric upholstery as it is specifically designed to be gentle on upholstered fibres. Always check the care instructions prior to deep cleaning furniture and rugs. A 500ml bottle of Upholstery Cleaner will cover multiple pieces of furniture, including couches and dining chairs.


The Britex range of Spot removers are ideal for pre-treating stubborn stains prior to deep cleaning with a Britex machine. They are also ideal to keep on hand for for general cleaning and as stains or accidents occur. Whatever the stain, Britex has you covered.

  • Pet and human urine stains: Use Britex Urine Remover.
  • General household dirt and food stains: Try Britex Spot n Stain.
  • Foul odours in the home and car: Britex Odour Blaster will attack odours at the source.
  • Grout and tile cleaning: Britex Grout & Tile spray is perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen and on tiled floors.

Ready to clean? Watch our how to videos.

Like all hot water extraction machines, the Britex Deep Cleaner produces noise during cleaning. The machine features an industrial grade vacuum which is part of the reason it delivers such a powerful clean. The sound levels of the Britex machine have been tested independently and fall within the parameters of what is considered safe.  Britex sound levels are less than that of other household appliances such as a hair dryer or food blender.

For your comfort during cleaning you may choose to wear ear muffs. When the machine is resting on a hard floor surface, we suggest placing a towel under the machine to absorb some of the noise.


  • Use our store locator to find your nearest hire location.
  • Plan ahead and hire a Britex machine at a time that suits you. That may be when the kids are at school and the house is empty, or on a weekend when your family is around to help out with the job.
  • To get the best value out of your clean make a list of all of the items in and around your home that could use a deep clean. This may include carpet, area rugs, car mats, car seats, dining chairs, couches, boat interiors and even floor grout and tiles. Then work out what cleaning solutions and accessories you’ll need to hire and for how long. Always use Britex Cleaning solutions in the machine for optimal cleaning results and to ensure that the machine componentry isn’t damaged.
  • If you have furniture you want to clean under, arrange someone to help you to do the heavy lifting. Can’t be bothered moving furniture? The Britex wand allows you to clean under and around furniture.
  • Always vacuum your carpets prior to deep cleaning for best results.
  • Prepare for your clean by watching our instructional videos.
  • If you have particular questions or need to trouble shoot during your cleaning, call Britex on 1800 904 873. We are on hand 7 days a week to help.
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