Frequently asked questions


General questions

Your carpet should only be slightly wet. It will be dry and safe to return your furniture within 2-4 hrs.

Yes Rain, Hail or Shine!

The Britex is designed to wash and refresh your carpets using only minimal water, and the strong vacuum removes any excess moisture from the pile.Your carpets will be dry in around 2 – 4 hours. We recommend keeping the room ventilated during and after the cleaning process.

Britex upholstery cleaner is safe to use on a wide range of fabric items.

If in doubt always check the care label and seek help from the manufacturer regarding the wash care instructions prior to use. Always check the colour-fastness by first cleaning a small inconspicuous area before proceeding with the entire chair.

Most fabrics are safe with Britex. Always check for colour fastness by testing on an inconspicuous area first. DO NOT USE ON :  Natural fiber oriental rugs (silk or wool) hand loomed rugs, braided rugs, sisal or jute carpets, silk, suede, Haitian cotton, brushed corduroy, leather or non colour-fast fabrics.

The Britex is an excellent machine to clean your Rental property. Ensure you check with your Real estate agent or property manager if it will be accepted for your exit clean and final inspection.

The Britex is designed to clean most types of rugs and carpet,
upholstery including fabric lounges, dining chairs, car seats and boat interiors

We don’t recommend the Britex for cleaning hard floor surfaces such as concrete, tile, lino or wooden floors.

Unfortunately due to the delicate nature of genuine suede; it is not suitable for hot water extraction cleaning.  We recommend checking the wash care instruction label on the lounge before cleaning.  It may indicate that the fabric can only be cleaned by a professional or may indicate dry-clean only for your type of suede fabric.

Shag Pile rugs and carpet are especially hard to clean without causing tangles.  Our Britex carpet cleaner with floor wand works great even on a high pile.  However there is always a risk with Shag pile that a pull or run could occur, so remember to always take extra care during the vacuuming process.

Cleaning product questions

Our Britex carpet cleaner, 1 litre bottle will clean approximately 60 m2 of carpet (or 3 average sized rooms).   For every 1 litre of carpet cleaner, you will also need 1 bottle of Britex Defoamer.

It is a requirement of the hire that only Britex cleaning fluids be used in our machines. This is for the safety of the machine and your carpets. Other non-suitable products will leave a nasty residue which can attract dirt and cause further staining. Britex products are designed to beautify, protect and deoderise your carpets and upholstery.

Yes our machines and cleaning products are very safe. Most Asthmatics and people with allergies need to regularily clean their home to prevent dust buildup; which can affect their health.

Logically if you do start to feel unwell during cleaning, please cease use.

Our products are safe for people with allergies and asthma.  As with all types of cleaning fluids there are times when extremely sensitive people may experience discomfort, the good news is we haven’t had any reported cases with our range of detergents.  Britex is endorsed by Eczema Association, CSIRO and the National Asthma Council.

The Britex carpet detergent is safe for all our furry friends.  The formula is low allergenic   Keep them outside until the carpet or lounge has fully dried. . So dirty paws don’t ruin your newly cleaned house!

Yes our Britex carpet cleaning solution is gentle enough to use on wool carpets.Our advice for Wool carpets is to always use lukewarm (not hot) water in the Clean water Tank. Use only the recommended dosage of detergent and during the cleaning process make extra ‘Vacuum only’ passes over each of the section. This will remove the maximum amount of water and improve dry time.

Odour Blaster is an easy and effective way to eliminate foul odours wherever they occur around the home on carpet, fabrics, drapery, upholstery, tile, vinyl, and more.  It attacks foul odours at their source.

Machine Specifications

H x W x L  (cm)  65 x 43 x 68   (From floor with Tank and Dome)

18 kg  (without water included)

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