Carpet & Upholstery

Britex cleaning solutions are specially formulated to be used in conjunction with all hot water extraction deep cleaning machines. For best results and to maintain your warranty, only use Britex cleaning solutions with the Britex deep cleaner.

Grout & Tile

The powerful Britex Deep Cleaning machine and cleaning solutions are all you need when it comes to deep cleaning your carpet, upholstery and now floor grout & Tiles. Use the power of hot water extraction to loosen and remove dirt, allergens and germs from your flooring and furniture. The Britex machine’s interchangeable wand system makes it the ultimate professional grade cleaning system for carpet, upholstery & grout and tiles.

Cleaning Solutions

Britex cleaning solutions are specially formulated to be used in conjunction with all hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines. Our solutions provide a deep down clean with professional results. Britex cleaning solutions should only be used with the Britex machine to achieve the best results.

Britex Extra Finish Range

Your carpets may look and smell great with the use of our Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine, but the rest of your home needs love too. Not only can Britex remove stains from carpets, we can also help you with other messes around your home. Try our unique no touch ‘urine remover’ to remove your pets and little ones accidents or the best in class ‘Spot n Stain’. Whatever the mess, Britex has a solution for you.

The Britex Guarantee

Proudly Australian made, Britex Carpet Care products are manufactured with high quality of standards. At Britex Carpet Care, we are committed to understanding the cleaning needs of our customers while we constantly innovate, re-design and redefine the way Australian’s clean. Our mission is to continue to bring affordable and professional cleaning solutions to Australian households. Britex products are endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice program. Britex products are family and pet safe. Simply put, live clean, love Britex.

Versatile Solutions

Britex Carpet Care is proudly Australian’s #1 choice for affordable and professional carpet, upholstery and grout & tile cleaning solutions. From spot cleaning household stains to deep cleaning in the professional cleaning business, Britex has a solution for you. The Britex signature machine, the BR-11 Deep Cleaning machine is Choice Recommended as Australia’s #1 Carpet Shampooer and is proudly Australian’s favourite ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) cleaning system. Now with an interchangeable wand system, the Britex machine can also be used as a floor grout and tile cleaner in addition to a carpet and upholstery cleaner. The Britex is the ultimate cleaning machine for anyone looking for an all-in-one cleaning product. Buy a rug machine, grout & tile cleaner, upholstery cleaner and car carpet shampooer, all-in-one. The Britex Deep Cleaning machine will take your cleaning to the next level.

Professional Results

Professional grade cleaning at a fraction of the cost. DIY Cleaning with Britex not only saves you time and money, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a professionally cleaned home. Britex cleaning solutions are easy-to-use, accessible and affordable, whilst also offering professional grade cleaning results. Commonly used by cleaning professionals, the Britex machine’s hot water extraction system, allows it to reach deep into your carpet fibres, tiles & grout and fabric furnishings, providing a thorough and deep clean. Designed for small businesses, commercial cleaners or simply people who are serious about cleaning, Britex Cleaners are precision engineered with high quality components, ideal for people who want to invest in a deep cleaner that will last. If you’re looking to buy a rug machine, grout & tile cleaner and a product which cleans your upholstery including shampooing your car carpets, look no further than a Britex.

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