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Problem: No water flow from the Carpet or Upholstery wand

Make sure there is enough clean water and solution in the machine.
If dirty water stops entering the Recovery (Tank A), then the Clean water (Tank B) may be empty.
Dispose of the soiled water from Recovery (Tank A) and refill (Tank B) with fresh water and solution.

Problem: No suction or lack of suction

Check the dome lid is sitting on the Front Recovery (Tank A). Check the filter inside the dome lid is clean.
Check the vacuum hose is connection on the front of the dome lid and the other end to the carpet or upholstery wand. Seal or connect if necessary.

Problem: No power or loss of power

Ensure the cord is plugged in securely and switched on at the wall.
Ensure the Pump and Vacuum switches at the front of the machine are turned on.
If using machine in Queensland. Make sure GREEN button on RCD plug is pressed in.
Check your home’s circuit breakers or fuse box.

Problem: Excess foaming or leaking water

Excessive foaming: add 10 capfuls (100ml) Britex Defoamer in the Front Recovery (Tank A).
Leaking clean water: You may have over-filled the Clean water (Tank B). Turn machine on and spray into your sink or a bucket, this should solve the problem.
Leaking dirty water: Empty the Recovery (Tank A) and clean out the filter in the dome lid.

Problem: Upholstery wand has no solution flow

Check the solution hose is locked onto the upholstery wand correctly. Using one hand, firmly pull back the brass fitting. Using your other hand push the connecting piece in. Check the machine is filled with water and Upholstery solution.
Check if there is a split in the solution hose. If so return the machine to the store for a replacement.

If the problem persists, contact our help line on 1800 804 973

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