Machine and Accessories

The powerful BR-11 Britex Carpet Cleaning machine is ideal for small businesses, professional cleaners or home-owners who want to take control of their carpet cleaning.  The Britex Machine’s hot water extraction system loosens and removes dirt, allergens and germs stuck deep in your carpet fibres, while the unique upholstery wand is great for those tight spots like car seats, chairs and stairs.
Buy Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine

Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine

Cost effective and powerful machine
that can extract stains …

Britex Upholstery Wand

Clean and renew your upholsteries,
car seats, boat, caravan …

Cleaning Solutions

Britex cleaning solutions are specially formulated to be used in conjunction with all hot water extraction machines. Our solutions provide a deep down clean with professional results. Britex cleaning solutions should only be used with the Britex machine to achieve the best results.

Carpet Cleaner 1L

Powerful deep cleaning,
deodorises and protects …

Carpet Cleaner 2L

Includes our unique SpotGuard®
Stain Protection…

Britex Defoamer

Provides optimal machine

Upholstery Cleaner

Specially formulated to
deep clean and deodorise …


Extra Finish

Your carpets may look and smell great, but the rest of your home needs love too. Not only can Britex remove stains from carpets, we can also help you with other messes around your home. Try our unique no touch ‘urine remover’ to remove your pets and little ones accidents or the best in class ‘Spot n Stain’. Whatever the mess, Britex has a solution for you.

Britex Odour Blaster

Advanced enzyme formula
eliminates nasty odours
for good!…
Britex Spot N Stain

Britex Spot n Stain

Remove stubborn stains
on carpets, rugs and
fabric upholstery….

Britex Urine Remover

Destroys the underlying
odour and removes
stubborn pet stains.