Every cat owner knows taking care of their fur baby involves both joys and struggles. Each scratch, bite and hair ball is worth the love and the comfort their feline family members provide.

If you have cats, you know the daily stress of keeping the home intact despite their natural tendency to, well, make a mess. From their jumping on top of shelves to their constant shedding, they certainly are an all-round household challenge.

To make living with your feline friends easier, we’ve compiled some tips to help you out.

1. Catify your house

Cats are descended from apex predators, and they have a different idea of comfort zones and personal spaces. They will see a high surface and take jumping on it as a personal challenge, no matter how many things they disturb in the process. The same tendency applies to tight spaces; they will burrow into any nook and reach any cranny before settling there comfortably.

To prevent the disasters such endeavours will bring, be proactive in making your house cat-friendly from the get-go. Provide spaces that will satisfy your cat’s instincts. Cat trees and perches, scratching posts , and even simple boxes where they can hide will certainly make your cats happy indoors.

2. Clean up kitty accidents ASAP

As soon as you find a cat mess, it’s best to clean it up immediately to prevent it from staining. Cat poo, urine and vomit leave distinct, nasty odours that grow worse the longer you leave them. Additionally, lingering odours will act as a marker for your cats, and they will likely soil the same spot again.

3. To clean up cat urine:

Cat urine has a pungent odour that permeates the air. To clean it up, use the Britex Urine Remover, an enzymatic cleaner designed to draw moisture from old and new urine stains. You won’t have to scrub; simply spray it on the affected area, apply a paper towel or dry cloth and wait as the solution breaks down the stains.

4. To clean up cat vomit:

Clean up all the solids and as much of the liquids as you can. Use soap, water and a clean rag to wipe the spot. Once dry, spray the Britex Urine Remover to neutralise the remaining acids and clear up the odour.

5. For the litter box:

If your cat is litter trained, then it’s just a matter of having a well-kept litter box. Regular and frequent litter changes can help in limiting the odours. Scoop the litter regularly; cats tend to soil the space next to the litter box if it’s been previously used and not cleared. Renew the litter completely at least once every 10 days. In between litter changes, give the litter box a thorough cleaning. Scrub it with water and soap and make sure it’s dry before using again.

Choose a good area in which to keep the litter box. Keep it away from main living areas, where people spend the most time. To limit the amount of litter trail, especially if your cats tend to jump right out after doing their business, use a litter mat that can catch most of the litter granules.

6. Regularly vacuum and dust

Even though they’re capable of self-cleaning, cats still shed a tonne of hair and are likely to leave a trail of it all around the house. A good vacuum cleaner will be your best friend to keep on top of hair, dust, and any outside dirt they bring in. You can use a handheld vacuum for the cat trees and perches and an upright vacuum for the floors and carpets.

7. Keep your home clean and fresh with Britex!

Get the right partner for keeping your house clean, neat and tidy, even with cat mishaps abound. Regular deep cleaning with a Britex machine will remove deep down cat fur and the residue from pet accidents.


With Christmas comes a flurry of activities, presents and feasts, yet it feels like the day itself lasts for merely a few hours. It’s the pack down and clean-up on the other hand, if not done properly and effectively, that drags on and lasts for much longer. That’s why we’ve created an easy to follow checklist that will make boxing day cleaning that much easier to conquer.

The leftovers

The Christmas ornaments

The kitchen

The carpet & upholstery

Clear away the holiday mess with Britex!

Britex offers DIY deep cleaning solutions for carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery. We provide an affordable and effective way to deep clean our customers’ homes and businesses. All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

Happy cleaning with Britex!


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The holidays are merely weeks away and your kitchen will be seeing a lot of action soon. Hosting a celebration means not just prepping the house, but also preparing meals for everyone to enjoy. However, before you can be ready to host, you need to make sure that your kitchen is sparkling clean and ready to handle the festivities! Here’s our checklist for kitchen cleaning for the festive season.

The kitchen counters

The appliances

The pantry

The floor

Get ready for a clean, sparkling holiday season with Britex!

Britex offers DIY deep cleaning solutions for carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery. Our customers enjoy an affordable and effective way to deep clean their homes and businesses. All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

Happy holiday cleaning with Britex!


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A clean and tidy home is much more comfortable and relaxing than a dirty one. That’s why regular cleaning is critical so that you can maintain this atmosphere at your house. But sometimes, no matter how vigilant you are, there are certain spots that are often overlooked.

Next time you’re getting ready to clean the house, don’t forget about these areas. Clean them regularly to make them as sparkling clean as the rest of the house.


Even your dish-cleaning partner needs to be cleaned. Over time, dishwashers get clogged with food particles, soap scum and other deposits, which can also affect how clean your dishes are when they come out. Take some time to clean out the filter and scrub out the food and grime. You might even need to run an empty load to flush everything out and leave your dishwasher looking pristine.

Britex tip: Deep clean your dishwasher with vinegar – simply place a dishwasher-safe bowl filled with one cup of distilled white vinegar and run a normal (hot) cycle without detergent or dishes.

Couch upholstery

While easy to forget, don’t forget that you also need to pay attention to your furniture and couch upholstery every now and again. They might look clean at a glance, but with a closer look, you’ll discover that furniture and couch upholstery may be housing a build-up of dust, dirt and many nasties. For deep cleaning furniture and couch upholstery, we recommend using the Britex Upholstery Cleaner and Britex Upholstery Wand with our Britex Deep Cleaner to deep clean, deodorise and revitalise. The special Britex formulation ensures your furniture and upholstery are protected from future stains and spills as well.

Door knobs, handles & light switches

These high-contact areas tend to collect bacteria from constant touching. Don’t forget to disinfect them with antibacterial cleaner every now and to prevent germs from spreading.

Britex tip: If you want to use a natural cleaning solution – opt for vinegar and water mixture. Create a 50-50 mixture in a spray bottle, then spray on the surface of the knob or handle and let is sit for a bit, then wipe away with a clean cloth or towel.

Skirting boards

Skirting boards catch the worst of the dust, dirt and grime that is brought into your home. While they’re not the focal piece of your room, you will really be able to tell if you take a closer look at them. Make sure to include the skirting boards in your clean, wiping off and scrubbing away any dirt build-up. Once they’re sparkling clean, you’ll be surprised at just how much clean skirting boards contribute to the overall aesthetic of your home.

Britex tip: Use cotton buds to get into nooks, crannies, folds and edges of your skirting board profile.  

Beneath huge appliances

Reaching under appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and dryers can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s definitely something you shouldn’t ignore.This is because dirt, food particles and dust can gather beneath these appliances, building up over time. Move these appliances every so often to be able to clean under and behind them.

Make your home clean all over with Britex!

Britex offers DIY deep cleaning solutions for carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery. Our customers enjoy an affordable and effective way to deep clean their homes and businesses. All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

Happy cleaning with Britex!

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With school holidays just around the corner, why not keep the kids busy with some spring cleaning? Getting the kids involved not only teaches them the importance of doing their chores, but with more hands on deck, you’re also able to enjoy a mess-free home so much more frequently.

Turn up the playlist

The easiest way to keep everyone’s energy high is to play some upbeat tunes. Nothing brings people together like music does, so why not turn up your favourite songs and boogie while you clean. We guarantee that you and the kids will be dying to get cleaning again as soon as it’s over.

Ensure you have the proper cleaning tools

Before settling down and tackling dust, dirt and grime, make sure you’ve stocked up on the right cleaning tools. Rags, brooms and mops should be in supply. There’s nothing quite like our Britex Spot ‘n’ Stain remover to safely and efficiently tackle common household stains. Our  Britex Odour Blaster is the perfect product to get rid of foul odours, and we’re sure that an odour-free home is the first step to a clean home. Keep the kids responsible for their own messes as well with our new easy-to-use Britex Carpet & Upholstery Wipes so that they can clean up as soon as they’ve accidentally made a mess.

Team up

For a more efficient approach, split into teams to distribute the tasks amongst different groups or members of the family. This will rapidly minimize the actual time spent cleaning too. Kids, especially siblings love to compete, so something as simple as introducing a competition element will spice things up and motivate most kids to participate as well.

Make decision-making an involved process

When decluttering the house, let the kids help decide which items will be kept, which will be stored and which will be thrown away or donated. By involving your children in this process, you’re not only speeding up the process, but you’re also allowing them to be more mindful of the items that they possess.

Plan a reward

A special treat for the family after a hard day’s work lets the kids know that you appreciate their help and allows them to understand what it means to work for a reward. Happy workers are more likely to be willing to help again, and you can even work towards making this your little family tradition.

Make spring cleaning a fun bonding activity with Britex!

When it comes to cleaning your home, Britex products got you covered. To view our range of cleaning solutions, spot cleaners and carpet wipes, click on the learn more button below. Happy spring cleaning!


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There’s nothing worse than a dirty, grimy bathroom, which is why it’s incredibly important to keep it squeaky clean so that you can truly feel fresh straight after use. There’s no denying that using a clean, sanitary bathroom makes the whole experience a whole lot better!

Don’t let the task of cleaning your bathroom become overwhelming. With the help of our easy-to-follow checklist, enjoy a sparkling bathroom all the time!

Bathroom cleaning checklist

Keep your bathroom clean and fresh with Britex!

When it comes to cleaning your home, Britex products got you covered. To view our range of cleaning solutions, spot cleaners and carpet wipes, click on the learn more button below.


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Sometimes, stains are unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t remove them. Dealing with immediate stains should be a priority so that you can get back to enjoying a clean and fresh house quickly and efficiently.

Here are some golden rules for stain removal that you should follow to ensure a quick and easy clean-up.

Act quickly to remove stains

Amongst all the golden rules for stain removal, acting quickly is by far the top of the list. The longer you leave the stain, the harder it will be to remove. As soon as the stain lands, we recommend getting onto it. How quickly and speedily you get to the stain determines how successfully it is removed.

Remove all dust or solids

Remove as much of the staining agent as possible. If it’s a food stain, scrape off the solids with a blunt knife. This is to ensure effective cleaning and to prevent the solids from further penetrating the area.

Dab, don’t rub when removing stains

Rubbing can spread the stain and can lead the stain to penetrate the fabric or fibre more deeply. It can also damage the delicate fibres. Instead, dab the stained surface with our brand new Britex Carpet and Upholstery Wipes, working from the sides towards the centre. Convenient and easy to use, these wipes can be used for food and drink stains, dirt stains, and grease stains.

Never apply heat on stains

Warm or hot water should not be used when dealing with stains as heat can make it impossible for the stains to be removed. For washable fabrics, treat it with a stain remover, for example, the Britex Spot N Stain remover which is specially formulated to remove stubborn stains and odours.

Do not overwet or overuse any cleaning product when dealing with stubborn stains

When using cleaning products, be sure to read and follow the instructions cautiously and carefully. Overusing or misusing these products can sometimes cause further damage. You could try and test the cleaning products on a hidden area first so that you’ll know what to expect.

Keep your home clean and fresh with Britex!

Dealing with stains can be quick and easy with the Britex Carpet & Upholstery wipes. Featuring a special formulation to easily remove dirt, food and drink spills and grease from:

  • Carpet
  • Rugs and mats
  • Upholstery couches
  • Car interiors and more!
Britex carpet and upholstery cleaning wipes

Britex Carpet & Upholstery wipes are now available in the cleaning aisle at selected Coles Supermarkets.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and you might be wondering what the perfect gift for the occasion could be. Day in and day out, our parents work hard to provide for the kids and keep the home running. So it’s only right to treat them to a relaxing, mess-free day.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry! With these easy tips, you can get the house clean in time for Mother’s Day.

Clear the clutter before getting into the cleaning

It’s always easier to clean the house when your space is clear of any clutter. Pack away any magazines, books, toys, sneakers or other random items that might be taking up space on the floor or other surfaces. Maybe even take this time to consider whether anything needs to be thrown out or donated, to limit the clutter in your home.

Work from top to bottom

When you clean stuff from high places, such as shelves and cabinets, the dust bunnies and bits of grime will inevitably fall down to the lower parts. You can clean these up as you go from the top all the way down. This way, you can avoid cleaning the same area twice!

Remove dust before wet cleaning

If you jump straight to wiping surfaces with a wet cloth, you just spread the dirt. That’s why it’s important to clear the dust first. If you’re tackling a thicker layer of dust, use a slightly damp cloth to remove it as using a completely dry one will just transfer the dust to the floor. With a slightly damp cloth, preferably microfibre, the dust will be wet enough to cling to the fibre but not too wet that it just spreads across the surface.

Wipe down the outdoor windows

Cleaning the outdoor windows needs a bit more effort than the interiors, mainly because they are exposed to the elements. When you clean your windows, choose a dry, cloudy day as the sun and wind will cause the solution to evaporate before you finish. Start by removing the loose dirt and grime from the window surfaces with a vacuum or a quick dry dusting. Then wipe them with a damp cloth. Finish it off by applying a cleaning solution from top to bottom then wipe away with a microfiber cloth.

Move around the furniture

For a deep clean, you’re going to have to move the furniture to get into all the nooks and crannies. Take this time to sweep and vacuum the floors as well, and even apply a coat of floor wax for an extra shine. For the carpets, we suggest the use of our Britex Spot ‘n’ Stain remover to deal with dirty smudges from food and beverage spills, oil, grease, mud and the like.

Tackle the recliners and couches with an enzyme-based cleaner to remove pungent odours and lingering stains. The Britex Odour Blaster is the perfect choice for getting rid of foul odours. As a deep-penetrating, advanced enzyme formula, it is suitable for most fabrics and hard surfaces and can remove odours from mildew, smoke, sewage, pet accidents, pet shedding, vomit and perspiration.

For an even deeper clean, the Britex Deep Cleaner is the perfect tool to give you professional results. With the power of hot water extraction, the deep cleaner reaches deep into carpet fibres to remove dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria, so that your home can enjoy that Britex fresh, clean feeling this Mother’s Day.

Keep your home clean and fresh for Mother’s Day with Britex!

With the right partner for the job, you can give your mum a spotlessly clean house. No mess is too great to fix with Britex!

All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

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Easter is such a fun time of the year with fun family gatherings and a lot of good food. But often when there are celebrations there’s also mess!

We’re sharing our easy tips that will help you get your house back in order after the Easter celebrations.

Removing chocolate stains

Chocolate stains on fabric

With Easter comes chocolate and with chocolate comes some messy stains. Easter eggs are incredibly fun around this time of the year, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for the stains they leave behind. To remove chocolate stains from fabrics, you need to flush the stained area with cold water as soon as possible. Then we recommend scrubbing it with anenzyme-based stain remover like the Britex Spot n’ Stain and leaving it to rest for about 15 minutes before washing the fabric.

Chocolate stains on carpets and upholstery

If you’re dealing with stains on the carpet and upholstery, avoid over-saturating it with water or cleaning solutions as the moisture will encourage mildew or mold growth in the furniture stuffing.

To effectively remove chocolate stains off carpet and upholstery, first pre-treat the area with an enzyme-based stain remover like the Britex Spot n; Stain, then blot the stained area with a damp cloth. Do this from the outside in to avoid making the stain bigger. If stubborn stains still remain, consider a deeper clean by hiring the Britex Deep Cleaner.

Removing red wine stains

During celebrations, it’s inevitable that some  spillage may occur. When it comes to red wine stains, the sooner you deal with it, the better! as you minimise the risk of making the stains permanent.

If you’re dealing with a stained fabric or linen, blot the stain with a paper towel or clean cloth to remove any excess moisture. Remember to press gently otherwise the stain will seep deeper into the fabric. Then use our Britex Spot n’ Stain solution to treat the stained area.

If you’re dealing with stained upholstery or carpets, immediately blot up as much spilled wine as possible with a paper towel or clean cloth. Spray the stained area with Britex Spot n’ Stain andblot gently from the outside with a damp cloth.. Afterwards, blot with a dry cloth until there’s no residue left.

Carpet & tile cleaning

After a big Easter celebration, it’s easy to feel that your carpet or tiled floorings has seen better days. Return your carpet and tiled floorings to their former shine and glory with Britex.Hire our Britex Deep Cleaner for a deep carpet clean, and with the interchangeable wand system, Britex Deep Cleaners deep cleans your tiled floors and grout too.

Keep your home clean and fresh with Britex!

Post-party cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag. With Britex, no mess is too great to fix!

Happy cleaning with Britex!

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Pets are important members of our families. As with human babies, going on the furry journey with your pet is packed with fun times and, well, not so fun times if you know what we mean. That is why we’ve got some awesome tips and tricks to help you, as pet owners, address some of the most common messes you’ll inevitably encounter.

Here is our list of some of these common messes, and our recommendations on what you can do to clean them as effectively as possible. So that your home can uphold that fresh, clean home feeling!

Pet hair and dander

There is nothing more frustrating than coming home to the sight of pet hair and dander all over the house. What is even more frustrating though is being unable to remove every last strand of it from your carpets and upholstery.

The next time you find yourself pulling your hair out trying to clean pet hair, try this easy cleaning hack. Did you know that pet hair easily sticks to rubber? An easy hack you should try at home is to use a rubber broom or rubber glove to collect as much of the fur and dander as you can before finishing it up with a deep clean with the Britex machine. For tackling couches and armchairs, the Britex upholstery wand attachment is your best choice when it comes to giving your furniture a refreshed and clean look.

Pet odours

It’s inevitable with indoor pets that, their furry odours and smells will cling to couches, carpets and other furniture over time. Next time you’re at a loss with what you can do to purge these smells, try the Britex Odour Blaster. The deep-penetrating, advanced enzyme formula is designed to attack foul odours from carpet, fabric, upholstery, vinyl, banishing them from the household.  Britex Odour Blaster is also ideal to remove odours from pet accidents, pet shedding, vomit and perspiration.

Pet urine

Every household with pets no doubt has to deal with their fair share of pet accidents. Pet urine has a pungent smell which should be cleaned immediately to remove all traces of urine smells and pheromones to discourage your pets from urinating in the same spot again. An enzyme-based cleaner is the perfect option to eliminate urine odours and stains. The Britex Urine Remover is designed to draw moisture and old and new urine stains up and away from carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstery. What sets the product apart from other pet cleaners on the market is it’s ‘no touch, no scrub’ formula, simply spray onto the stain, sit some paper towel on the area and wait.

Pet vomit

With pet vomit, first wipe it with a paper towel or dry rag, then apply an enzyme-based solution to break down the stain. Britex Urine Remover is an ideal solution to break down vomit stains on carpet and upholstery.  Finally finish up with a deep clean with the Britex machine once the solution has had time to soak in.

Keep your home clean and fresh with Britex!

Pet mishaps are easy enough to clean when you have the right tools for the job. Clean pet-stains and accidents on the go by keeping Britex cleaning products handy.

Happy cleaning with Britex!

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Now that the kids have gone back to school, it’s the perfect time to hit reset and clean the house! If your kids are back home schooling for now, this is something to keep on the list for when they are allowed to go back!

Take the opportunity to declutter and clear away the mess that might have built up during their break. It’s also the best time to pick up some new cleaning habits that can help you keep on top of your household!

Here are a few back-to-school cleaning tips to keep your house neat and tidy.

Declutter your home, declutter your mind!

Did you know that a messy and cluttered home can make your mind feel messy and cluttered as well? What may seem like a daunting task can make all the difference to how future-you feels.

We recommend doing one room at a time at your own pace. Donate clothing items that don’t fit or sell items you no longer use, so there’s only items of use in that particular room. You’ll be enjoying a fresh and tidy space in no time.

Organise your storage areas

Hallway cupboards easily become dumping grounds for practically anything and everything that needs to be hidden from sight. They become a nightmare to clean, with all sorts of items getting stashed in them. It’s best to tackle cupboard cleaning and sorting before it grows worse; with proper organisation, you can even have extra space for storage!

To keep things organised, you can use tubs with labels: one for shoes, one for sports gear,, and so on. You can also attach hooks for coats, jackets and bags. Assigning a specific area where the kids can keep their various stuff helps them be more mindful of where they put their things, so you won’t have to trip over their clutter anymore.

Perform a Deep Clean

We know your home might feel like a real mess after it being full of tiny feet for the past 8 weeks, but you’re only a few hours away from that total clean house feeling! If you do a deep clean on your carpets, upholstery, tiles and grout a few times a year, it will make all the cleans in between so much quicker and easier. We love our Deep Cleaner for this, it’s so easy to set up and use.

Make your home clean all year with Britex!

Britex offers DIY deep cleaning solutions for carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery. With the Britex machine, you can enjoy an affordable and effective way to deep clean your home, keeping it clean through your busy schedule.

All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores. For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

Happy cleaning with Britex!

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When building a new home or renovating there’s plenty of decisions to be made. When it comes to flooring, there are many options and many pros and cons to consider. There’s of the aesthetics different flooring provide however your decision is much more complex than that.

In this article we’ll take a look at the two most popular options, carpet or tiles. There are of course alternatives to these including timber floors, laminates, cork and vinyl however, by examining the top two options, you’ll get a sense of the benefits for the alternatives too.

Carpet Flooring

Throughout many parts of the world including Australia, carpet is the most popular flooring option used in family homes. Many homes are carpeted throughout, excluding wet areas such and the kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

There are many benefits to carpet that make it a popular option. Carpets are soft, warm and comfortable. They provide an inviting feel where the floor can be used for sitting or reclining which is fantastic for young families, giving them space to play.

Carpet is soft so it’s considered to be more practical and safer option for young children and also the elderly who may be vulnerable to falls. In these instances, a low-pile carpet is a wise choice.

There’s a huge range of design options for carpet as it comes in a variety of colours, shades and styles. This gives you great flexibility when it comes to interior design. Carpet can be used to provide texture and aesthetic appeal to a room.

Since carpet fibres can retain heat and provide insulation, they’re a great option particularly in cooler locations. You’ll have no trouble walking around bare foot in the winter if you install carpet flooring.

There are a few disadvantages to carpets that should be considered. If you or your family members suffer from allergies, carpet can present challenges since the tend to collect dust and other allergens and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Carpet can also house dust-mites and bacteria. For most families, thorough and regular deep carpet cleaning will mitigate these risks.

Even for non-allergy sufferers, cleaning and maintenance is the challenge with carpet floors. Because carpets use fibres that can absorb stains, they are more difficult to keep clean than hard floor alternatives.

Tile Flooring

Tiles are a popular flooring option due to their versatility. Like carpet, they also come in a broad range of designs, styles and colour options. Interior designers love them for this reason since they can be used as a feature to showcase the home styling.

Maintenance is easier with tiles since they don’t stain or hold dust and other allergens. They can be easily swept or vacuumed for your weekly maintenance however the grout will require a deep clean from time to time. The new Britex grout and tile cleaning system is a great option for that.

Tiles do have their disadvantages too. Tiles tend to be quite durable and cost effective however if you do happen to drop something heavy you risk chipping or cracking the tile. Tiles may also crack if your home is prone to movement in the foundations.

Tiles can also be slippery which poses a risk particularly to the elderly. They are more likely to slip on tile than carpet and of course the tiles are extremely hard so they are likely to cause more injury if an accident occurs.

Tiles can be cool or cold to touch so they may not be a great option in cooler climates. On the flip side, this may be an advantage for those that live in the northern states of Australia.

Which should I choose?

Every family has its own set of circumstances and preferences. Every flooring type has its advantages and disadvantages. Each room in your home serves a different purpose so a combination of carpet and tiled flooring is often a great choice.

So how do I clean them?

When it comes to cleaning carpet and tile flooring, hot water extraction methods are generally recommended to reach deep into carpet fibres and tight grout lines to remove dirt build up. For affordable carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery cleaning solutions, look no further than Britex Deep Cleaners.

Enjoy an affordable and effective way to deep clean your house and businesses and save time and money along the way by doing the cleaning hands-on yourself. All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

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This 2021, clear your mind of the misconception that cleaning is a daunting task. If done effectively, cleaning can actually be incredibly quick and easy. So this year, why not aim to adopt a new mindset and routine when it comes to cleaning your home? We guarantee that you’ll be surprised by how clutter-free your home will look!

Here are some easy cleaning and tidying resolutions you should consider to ensure your home is kept spic and span all year long!

Make your bed every morning

When you were a child, do you remember all those times when your parents would nag you to make your bed each morning? Now as adults, you surely understand where they were coming from, right? No doubt that a made bed is the first step to making a cluttered room seem that little bit tidier. Because your bed is the room’s centerpiece, it really stands out both when it’s made and when it’s not.  An unmade bed brings attention to all the other messy elements accumulating in the room. Alternatively,  a made bed presents the illusion that the rest of the room is neat as well, even if there are a few things still laying around.

Check the fridge before taking out the bin bag

Do you want to prevent your fridge from smelling like spoiled food? Regularly check it before tying up your bin bag. Scan for leftovers, deli meats and produce that are past their consumption date. Don’t let your perishables stay too long in the fridge. It’s important to discard them before they go bad so you don’t have to deal with mold growth and unpleasant odours.

Clean the bathroom once a week

Bathroom cleaning is no one’s favourite chore, but we guarantee that if you make an effort to frequently clean it, it will become easier and less time-consuming. Try cleaning your bathroom weekly to prevent the build-up of mildew and mold, as well as soap-scum. A simple bathroom cleaning involves a quick but effective scrub of the sink, tub, shower, toilet and tiles. You can finish it off with a simple wipe-down of the surfaces and the mirrors.

Do a deep clean every 3 months

Lastly, consider doing a deeper clean of your home a few times a year with Britex Deep Cleaner. This will make your weekly cleans so much easier and less time consuming, so that you have more time to do things you love!

Britex Deep Cleaners utilise the power of hot water extraction,  reaching deep into your carpet fibres, fabric furnishings, upholstery and grout and, providing cleaning results that regular cleaning simply wouldn’t achieve. . Plus,  regular deep cleaning minimises allergens, removes stubborn stains and eliminates odours so you and your family can enjoy that fresh, new home feel all year round.

Make your home clean all year with Britex!

Britex offers DIY deep cleaning solutions for carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery. Our customers enjoy an affordable and effective way to deep clean their homes and businesses. Save time and money by doing the cleaning hands-on yourself. All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

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Hosting a gathering during the holiday period is undoubtedly stressful. From organizing to getting the house ready for Christmas festivities, not to mention the never-ending list of cleaning that needs to be done But, luckily there’s still time, meaning you can spread out most cleaning tasks over several days.

Here are simple tips to get you started on preparing your home for holiday guests.

Deep clean the bathrooms

A good tip is to start with rooms that require the most effort to avoid feeling overwhelmed later on, and the bathroom is a good place to start. Clean the toilet as well as both sides of the seat and lid. Tackle the stains if needed and scrub to remove all lingering odours. Clear out the shower and tub too. Check for mildew or moulds growing in the corners and the door tracks. Remove all hair strands from the shower drain and scrub the sinks and counters as well.

Polish the mirror for a clearer reflection and remove splatters from toothpaste or creams. Make sure to stock up on supplies as well, including toilet paper, soap and spare hand towels.

Britex tip: Banish foul odours from the bathroom with the Britex Odour Blaster, specifically formulated to attack foul odours at the source, neutralising any bacteria causing the offensive odour.

Clean the guest room

Even if your guests aren’t staying over, it’s still a good idea to make sure the guest room is ready to accommodate them. Dust the ceilings, windowsills and other corners that haven’t been tackled for a while. Strip the bed and vacuum the mattress to remove particle build-up. Wipe down the furniture with a polish to give them a shiny finish. Use a Britex machine with the upholstery attachment for an extra deep furniture and mattress clean. And finally, when you’re re-making the bed, make sure you use freshly laundered linen.

Create a clean, uncluttered space where guests can hang out

When not actively socialising, your guests still need a space where they can sit and just unwind. Polish the tables and chairs and remove the grime that may built up on surfaces with the Britex Spot n Stain formula. The couch and sofa should be stain-free and the throw pillows should be clean and fresh too.

If you have another space available, a suggestion is to fit it with comfortable chairs and small tables for an added living and entertaining space if you’re hosting larger crowds.

Prepare your home for the holidays with Britex!

Britex offers DIY deep cleaning solutions for carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery. We provide an affordable and effective way to deep clean our customers’ homes and businesses. Save time and money this holiday season by doing the cleaning hands-on yourself. All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

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With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, you might be starting to worry about the state of your home. There’s nothing worse than hosting guests when you’re stressed about a messy house.

Cleaning the house may seem daunting because it’s often hard to decide where to start, but with the right help and mindset, we can guarantee that you will get it done just in time for the Christmas festivities! To begin with, try not to think of cleaning as one huge task. By dividing it into segments it automatically becomes less intimidating and more manageable.

Here are some tips for readying your home for Christmas:

Make sure you have enough cleaning supplies

Before you begin your Christmas deep clean, make sure you have enough cleaning supplies to complete your tasks. Here is a good list of starters:

Double down on the main areas

Decide which areas will be the main entertainment areas and clean those first. The living room is an obvious priority zone so it’s a good idea to start there. A hot tip of ours is to declutter before you commence your clean. This is because it’s often trickier to clean where there are too many things strewn about. For a deeper clean of furniture and upholstery, use Britex Deep Cleaners with the upholstery wand attachment.

Another entertaining hot spot is the kitchen. It should no doubt be clean and safe for food preparation. We suggest that you allocate a separate day to clean the kitchen so you can make sure everything is covered.

Don’t forget your carpet

Carpets are often overlooked, but they still require attention! On a regular day, your carpet already experiences a lot of footfall, so can you imagine how much more this will be when your guests finally arrive to walk all over it?  Regular sweeping and vacuuming will not guarantee a thorough clean. For a deeper clean, hire Britex Deep Cleaners from your local hiring stores  andtackle all those nasty carpet pests that fester deep within your carpet.

Britex tip: Did you know using a Britex Carpet Cleaner with Britex Cleaning Solutions in a high-traffic office area, reduced the bacterial load by up to 99.95%?

Not only will you save time and money by going the DIY route, you can clean whenever and however it suits you. Unexpected guests coming over the weekend? Head down your local Britex hiring store and pickup a Britex machine to start cleaning.

Prepare your home for the holidays with Britex!

Britex offers DIY deep cleaning solutions for carpet, floor grout and tiles and upholstery. Enjoy an affordable and effective way to deep clean your homes in preparation for this coming holiday season.. All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

For enquiries and more information, contact us here or call 1800 804 973.

Happy cleaning with Britex!


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It’s time to bid farewell to chilly winds and frosty nights and say hello to the warm air and glistening sunshine – spring has finally sprung. And with its arrival comes spring cleaning. For many, the process of spring cleaning can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. Well look no further – we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow checklist so you can follow along as we tackle cleaning in every room of your house – from bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen through to the living room. Plus we have some bonus cleaning tips and tricks to ensure your house is germ-free.

Restock your cleaning supplies

Before you start to clean, make sure your cleaning supplies are stocked up and ready-to-go. If you plan on deep cleaning floor tiles, carpet or upholstery, the Britex DIY Deep Cleaner can be hired from a range of retail outlets and offers value and performance. If you need to remove stubborn food stains on carpet or upholstery – use the Britex Spot n’ Stain remover. For foul odours in the household, Britex Odour Blaster is a must-have. Pet accidents in the house? Britex Urine Remover is your go-to solution. Also do not underestimate the power of natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda and lemons are superstars when it comes to natural cleaning solutions.

The Britex handy spring cleaning checklist is also available to download here.


  • Clean out and declutter: Start by taking the time to clean out and declutter your pantry, kitchen cupboards and drawers. Check use-by dates on items and discard any stale spices and expired items along the way.
  • Wipe down small kitchen appliances: This includes the coffee machine, microwave, kettle, air fryer or any other small appliances in the kitchen. Store or donate equipment you don’t use such as unused appliances or cookware.
  • Clean the oven, wash the rangehood filters and wash the stovetop: Thoroughly wipe down and clean the insides of your oven and clean the stovetop. Leave the stove top grates to soak in a tub of hot soapy water to remove grime. Remove and wash the rangehood filters. Britex Spot n’ Stain is an excellent spray product that removes grease and grime build up from a range of surfaces.
  • Clean out the refrigerator: Go through the refrigerator shelves and the freezer to discard any expired food items. Give the inside and outside a thorough wipe down. Be sure to vacuum the cooling coils underneath and behind your refrigerator.
  • Sanitise the kitchen sink area: Give your kitchen sink and kitchen top a good wipe down and sanitise with anti-bacterial spray or wipes.

    Britex cleaning tips

  • Use lemons to clean the microwave: Heat half a cup of water and lemon juice from half a lemon in the microwave, then wipe down the insides with a microfibre cloth.
  • Use vinegar to clean the coffee maker: Run equal parts of water and vinegar through the coffeemaker, then rinse with clean water.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar to clean oven racks: Soak oven racks in baking soda, vinegar and hot water overnight, then scrub with an old dish towel to remove grease and grime.


  • Sort and organise drawers and cupboards: Cupboard by cupboard, empty out the items and sort through them. Dispose of any expired makeup, trinkets, skincare or hair products.
  • Spring clean your wardrobe: Go through your clothes and shoes and remove anything stained, in need of repair, worn out or simply clothing you haven’t worn in the past 12 months. Try on anything you’re unsure about before giving it closet space.
  • Dry clean winter coats and jackets and store them for next year: Sort through clothing and items from winter, have them properly cleaned then stored away so they are ready to go next year.
  • Wash bedding and pillows: If the sun is shining outside, seize the chance to wash and dry blankets, comforters, mattress protectors, quilts and pillows. Remove any winter bed protectors or electric blankets and store them for next year.
  • Flip and rotate your mattress: Give your mattress a quick clean with a vacuum or a Britex deep cleaner using the upholstery tool. Flip and rotate your mattress to even out mattress wear.

    Britex cleaning tips

  • Use baking soda to freshen up mattresses: Rub baking soda into the mattress, leave for an hour then vacuum to remove baking soda.


  • Organise cabinets and drawers: Go through your medicine cabinets and drawers and safely discard any outdated items. Reorganise your cupboards, wipe down the shelves and remove any empty toothpaste containers and beauty products and change your toothbrush.
  • Scrub the shower and bathtub: – Thoroughly scrub down the shower and bathtub as you would during a regular clean, but go the extra step and unclog the shower drains with baking soda, vinegar and hot water.
  • Wash the shower curtain and floormat: Remove and thoroughly wash shower curtains and floormats.
  • Dust from the top down: Starting from the top of the room and working down, dust ceilings, light fixtures, vents, windowsills and skirting boards.

    Britex cleaning tips

  • Use salt to prevent mildew and mould on shower curtains: Soak shower curtains in salt and hot water to prevent mildew and mould build-up.
  • Use grapefruit to scrub bathtubs: scrub your bathtub with a grapefruit and some salt to remove grime.

Living room

  • Declutter: Sort through and discard any unwanted or unnecessary household items that have been dumped in the area. Relocate children toys back to the toy storage area. As you declutter, equip yourself with a few boxes for sorting: one for donating, another to toss. Toss any items you no longer need or intend to keep and put away the things you intend to keep in their rightful places.
  • Wipe down all mirrors, frames and decorative items: Wipe down mirrors, photo frames and decorative items with a microfibre cloth and a homemade solution of water and vinegar. Rearrange items so they look neat and tidy.
  • Dust and polish wooden furniture: Give your wooden furniture a quick shine by polishing it with stale and flat beer. Pour some stale suds onto a clean cloth and rub your wooden furniture pieces for that extra sheen.
  • Deep clean upholstery: Studies have shown that your couch upholstery is potentially the dirtiest part of your home, containing, more than 12 times the bacteria than your bathroom. Give your couch upholstery a deep clean using the Britex Upholstery wand.
  • Deep clean carpet, floor tiles and grout: The living room has more foot traffic than any other room in the house. Your spring-cleaning session will not be complete without deep cleaning the tiled flooring and carpet your household constantly steps on.

To thoroughly deep clean carpet, upholstery and floor tiles & grout, look no further than Britex DIY deep cleaners. Choice recommended as Australia’s #1 Carpet Shampooer, Britex Carpet Care has been providing Australians with affordable and professional DIY carpet cleaning solutions for over 30 years. Save money and time by going the DIY route and hire a Britex Deep Cleaner from over 1,500 participating retailers in Australia.(link to hire location)

Britex tip:  Did you know using a Britex Carpet Cleaner with Britex Cleaning Solutions in a high-traffic office area, reduced the bacterial load by up to 99.95%?

Britex Deep Cleaners feature a hot water extraction system, a system favoured by many carpet cleaning professionals. The Britex carpet cleaner injects water and cleaning solution deep into carpet fibres, then its powerful suction thoroughly removes dirt, dust, soil and pet hair, leaving your carpets clean and fresh

Start your spring cleaning spree and hire a Britex today!

All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

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Ask any carpet owner and they’ll tell you how comfortable and cosy carpet makes their home. However, we all know that carpet can also fall victim to stubborn stains. With the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, you’re bound to encounter a few spots and spills along the way. When it comes to carpet cleaning, most people think about removing stubborn stains, but what about unpleasant carpet smells and carpet odour that can linger, especially when pets are involved?

Anyone entering a home first judges cleanliness by odour, and unfortunately for people with smelly carpets, first-impressions are far from welcoming. If you think your carpet is the reason why your guests are turning their heads and pinching their noses, consider the following reasons why your carpet might be smelling bad.

1) Pet odours and lingering smells

When it comes to smelly carpet, chances are there’s something lingering in the carpet itself, and this is especially true with organic stains such as stains from pet accidents. While most standard carpet cleaning methods do a good job through physical agitation and cleaning on the surface of the carpet, pet odours and pet stains generally require a little extra to fully eradicate the smells. The lingering residue of pet stains can attract bacteria and germs, which then become the primary cause for smelly carpet. The best way around this? Use an enzymatic cleaner to break down the cause of the stain – such as urine or faeces. Removing the stain source removes the bad smells that come with it.

Britex tip: When it comes to dealing with pet accidents, use an enzymatic cleaner like the Britex Urine Remover. The Britex Urine Remover uses an advanced enzyme formula that specifically targets and destroys pet urine stains and any underlying odour associated with it.

2) Food and drink spills

When it comes to your carpet smelling bad, your pets may not be the only ones to blame. Our clumsiness and accidental food and drink spills are also a big factor contributing to smelly carpets in the household. Just like pet stains, food and drink stains are prime culprits for smelly carpets, and they often work the same way as pet stains in that they attract and host bacteria, which in turn can cause your carpets to smell bad.

Britex tip: A quick and easy way to remove everyday household stains is with the Britex Spot n’ Stain spray cleaner. Britex Spot n’ Stain is specially formulated with active enzymes to effectively remove stains and odours at the source and can be used on a wide range of surfaces including carpet, upholstery and hard surfaces.

3) Environmental issues – smoke

Environmental issues can also play a big part in creating smelly carpets. Prime culprits include smoke from cigarettes and cooking fumes. Unlike liquid stains, smoke will pervade every nook and cranny of both the carpet and the carpet underlay, and once smoke odours get trapped extracting the stench can be a challenging,

Britex tip: When it comes to removing odours from carpet, furniture and even drapes, try the spray on Britex Odour Blaster. The enzymes in Odour Blaster neutralise and destroy the bacteria that cause offensive odours.

4) Moisture and dampness

Due to a variety of factors, moisture can sometimes find its way underneath carpet and underlay, and when the underlay is continually wet and doesn’t dry thoroughly, that can cause a foul odour. Moisture can be the result of many environmental factors including humidity, floods or even food and drink spills. Once this happens, mould and mildew can begin growing underneath the carpet, which results in a damp and musty smell.

How do I combat smelly carpets?

To help clean your carpets free from odours we suggest these tips;

1.  Clean up spills and messes quickly. Have spot cleaners like Britex Spot n Stain and Britex Urine remover on hand to tackle stains as they occur, so they don’t turn into odours.

2. Deep clean your carpets regularly to remove built up bacteria, allergens, stains and dirt.

Britex tip: While hiring professional carpet cleaning services can be an effective way to remove carpet stains and odours, their services can be costly. Britex Carpet Care offers an alternative to professionally cleaned carpets, at an affordable price.  The Britex deep cleaning machine has been voted Australia’s #1 Carpet Shampooer and is Australian’s preferred choice for DIY carpet cleaning. Not only will you save time and money by going the DIY route, hiring a Britex machine ensures your home will be cleaned to your high standards, while also offering cleaning results that rival many professional cleaning services on the market.

3. Still have problem areas? Spray effected areas of your carpet with Odour blaster regularly to neutralise and destroy the bacteria that cause offensive odours

Britex tip: Did you know using a Britex Carpet Cleaner with Britex Cleaning Solutions in a high-traffic area, reduced the bacterial load by up to 99.95%?

The Britex deep cleaner features a hot-water extraction system, a system heavily favoured by many cleaning professionals in the industry for its’ ability to remove smells, foul odour and stains. The Britex deep cleaner channels hot water and cleaning solution deep within carpet fibres, thoroughly cleaning and removing dirt, dust, soil, pet hair or anything that could potentially be a source for carpet odours It also simultaneously deodorises your carpet, extracting foul smells and odours. The machine’s powerful motor then suctions water and nasties right up, leaving your carpets fresh and clean with a lavender-scented finish.

Recommended by The National Asthma Council of Australia as their Sensitive Choice partner for carpet cleaner hires, Britex deep cleaners effectively remove dust mites, pet fur, mould, and other known allergens, leaving your household free of germs, dirt and foul smells and odours.

The Britex deep cleaner is available to hire from Bunnings Warehouse, selected Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware Stores.

Find your closest hire store and get started on banishing foul smells from the household today!




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Soft to the touch while adding warmth and comfort, it’s no wonder carpet-flooring has become the flooring of choice for many households. On one hand, it adds a luxurious look, while at the same time offering functional benefits such as reducing noise levels and providing thermal insulation during both the warmer and colder months of the year. However, when not regularly cleaned, carpets can act as a magnet for allergens and general nasties with the potential to hide some of the worst things you can imagine.

Let’s take a look at what could be hiding in your family rugs…

1) Dirt, dust and soil

Some of the most common particles found within carpet fibers are dirt, dust and soil. Regular foot traffic carries dirt and soil residue from the outdoors into your home. Shoes aren’t the only major culprit here either, many of our belongings including bags and wallets can also be carriers for these unwanted dirt particles. A study in the U.S. found that approximately 40 pounds (equivalent to 18 kilograms) of harmful dust accumulates in the average household every year. Not only can this be a health concern, a buildup of dirt can also be abrasive to your carpet fibers causing premature carpet wear.

2) Pet hair, dander and skin flakes

Another set of common culprits lurking deep within our carpets are pet hair, dander and skin flakes. Did you know an average person sheds 1.5 million skin flakes per day? Couple that with the fact that our furry friends tend toshed all year round, it’s not a stretch to think of your carpet as an all-inclusive buffet for dust mites which  feed on pet dander and skin flakes in your carpet. Which leads us to our next point.

3) Bugs & bacteria

And by bugs, we mean tiny ones like dust mites, ticks and fleas. Not only can mites cause irritation through their molted skin and waste, the mites themselves are also one of the main causes of allergies. Then there’s bacteria. Delicate carpet fibers serve as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can be brought into our home on our shoes. Bacteria can continue to multiply and form colonies if not removed from your carpet. In fact, your carpet can be one of the many hotspots where germs hide inside our homes.

4) Mildew and mould

The unfortunate reality for homes in humid and warmer climates is the presence of mould and your carpet can be one of the places where it gathers. Many carpets are made from soft and delicate fibers that are absorbent to moisture and these fibers can offer the right conditions for mould to grow. Like dust mites, mould spores are common allergens that can cause irritation and in turn trigger asthmatic responses.

5) Food residue and drinks

Food residue and drinks are one of the most common substances we spill onto our carpet and rugs. After all, accidents do happen, particularly when children are involved. While you may try your best to immediately remove any excess moisture or crumbs, tiny food particles can make their way into the delicate fibers of your carpet where they serve as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other bugs. Spilled food or drinks can also develop an odour overtime, despite your best efforts to clean them.

Carpet offers a comfort and luxury that you simply don’t get with hard flooring. So how can we remove the nasties that may be hiding in the fibers and ensure a healthy home?  The good news is that regular vacuuming does a great job of removing a great deal of these nasties. But what about the nasties nestled deep down that normal vacuuming won’t reach?

Since hiring professional carpet cleaning services can sometimes be costly, Britex Carpet Care offers an alternative to professionally cleaned carpets, at an affordable price. The Britex deep cleaning machine is Australian’s preferred choice for DIY carpet cleaning and has been providing Aussie homes with professionally cleaned carpet results for over 30 years. Not only will you save time and money by taking the DIY route, the Britex deep cleaning machine offers cleaning results that rivals many professional carpet cleaning services on the market.

Britex tip: Did you know using a Britex Carpet Cleaner with Britex Cleaning Solutions in a high-traffic office area, reduced the bacterial load by up to 99.95%?

Britex deep cleaners feature a hot-water extraction system, a system favored by many professional carpet cleaning services due to their cleaning performance and reliability. The Britex deep cleaner channels hot water and cleaning solution deep within carpet fibers, thoroughly cleaning and removing dirt, dust, soil and pet hair. The machine’s powerful motor suctions the water and nasties right up, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

While you are cleaning, consider tackling 5 other surprising hotspots n your home as well as reading our tips on how to create a germ free household.

All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.

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Unlike their feline counterparts, dogs are universally more expressive and can produce in-depth facial expressions. The more time we spend with our canine pals, the more we understand what they’re feeling at any given time, whether it be wanting more munchies or a good belly scratch. Unfortunately, when it comes to detecting signs of anxiety in dogs, the signs can be a little more subtle.

To further understand and care for our pup, it’s important to be able to understand the different types of anxiety and the signs they exhibit when they’re feeling anxious.

Fear-related anxiety

The onset of fear or phobia-related anxiety symptoms are prompted by a variety of factors, and usually stems from the sudden onset of unfamiliar stimuli. This may include sudden loud noises or visual stimuli like fireworks or thunderstorms, the addition of unfamiliar people or animals in their vicinity or exposure to new environments or specific situations such as a visit to the vet’s office or a car ride.

Separation anxiety

This ailment is especially common amongst dogs, with estimates suggesting it affects around 14% of our furry companions! Separation anxiety occurs when your dog has difficulty coming to terms with being left alone or being separated from family members. Animal behaviourist Kate Mornement says that dogs tend to associate everything they value in life – company, play and food – with when people are around, and it’s likely they’ll have none of that good stuff when they’re left alone.

Age-related anxiety

This is a form of anxiety that tends to affect older dogs and is often associated with cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS). Like Alzheimer’s Disease in humans, dogs with CDS commonly experience a decline in functioning such as deterioration in their ability to learn, awareness and in the senses of sight and hearing. This can eventually lead to an increase in anxiety and aggression. Common symptoms of dogs experiencing age-related anxiety includes a decrease in activities leading to self-care, poor appetite and often forgetting previously learned commands and potty behaviour.

Signs of anxiety in dogs

1) Pacing, shaking or trembling

An easy way to tell if your dog is anxious is through its body language. Some symptoms are easier to spot, such as excessive pacing, shaking and trembling. Dogs, much like humans, often tremble or shake in the face of stressors and this is often accompanied by a visibly worried or concerned facial expression such as wide eyes, a furrowed brow and pinned back ears.

2) Excessive barking

While barking is a normal canine form of expression, excessive barking can be a sign that your pup is feeling anxious, and anxious barking can often seem as an act of self-soothing for many dogs. It is often high-pitched and sometimes accompanied by whining. Dogs that are afraid or tense may often bark or whine in an effort to get your attention.

3) Hiding or escaping

An extension of avoidance, anxious dogs will often deal with situations, things and people that scare them by attempting to hide or even removing themselves from the situation. This may look like dogs hiding behind their owner’s legs, pulling away at a leash or in some cases simply ducking out of sight by hiding behind a tree or a parked car.

4) Destructive behaviours

Destructive behaviours such as chewing at objects, door frames, digging at doors or destroying household furniture are often mistaken as a dog misbehaving. However, these behaviours can also be signs of anxiety and are common amongst dogs experiencing separation anxiety. Your pup’s tendency to destroy your precious couch or rugs is often their way of getting nervous energy out of their system.

5) Urinating and defecating in the house

Some dogs urinate or defecate when placed under stressful and anxiety inducing situations. Anxious dogs can often work themselves up to the point that they feel the sudden urge “to go” , often resulting in many unwanted pet accidents, despite being properly toilet trained. This is especially frustrating for pet owners and can often cause damage or leave an unwanted odour in the houseAnd then there’s the unpleasant job of the clean-up, which no pet owner enjoys.

While many of these signs and symptoms can be properly identified and treated through behavioural training and medical treatment, pet urine, especially dog wee is especially difficult to thoroughly remove from household objects and carpet. Specific enzymatic solutions to tackle pet urine stains and smells are helpful because the attack the urine crystals that create the odour. While we do love our canine pals to bits, there are  many reasons your dog could be weeing in the house, and while toilet training your pup is important, sometimes accidents just happen.

That is why to remove pet urine smells and stains, we recommend Britex Urine Remover. Britex Urine Remover is a unique ‘no touch, no scrub’ enzyme-based formula specifically designed to remove old and new urine stains. It’s ideal for removing pet urine stains and their smells from carpet, rugs, mattresses, upholstery and much more. Simply spray, apply a cloth or towel and wait, and the formula will  destroy underlying pet urine stains and their odours.

The enzymes in  Britex Urine Remover break up the uric acid crystals and draw them out of your fabric or carpet while also being pet and family safe.

All Britex products are available online or can be purchased at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouse, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores.


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Britex Urine Remover

Britex Urine Remover features a unique ‘no touch’ formula and is designed to draw moisture from old and new urine stains up and away. Ideal for removing urine from carpet, rugs, mattresses,  car & household upholstery and hard surfaces. Simply spray and wait.

Many of us try our best to keep our homes free from harmful bacteria and germs. While it’s true that exposure to ‘friendly germs’ can be beneficial to our immune system, bacteria and germs that can cause disease and illness are not welcome. A study in 2011 by the National Sanitisation Foundation (NSF) revealed the commonly held misconception that the bathroom is the dirtiest place in the house. In actual fact, there are many areas of the home which are much worse than the bathroom!

So where are the hotspots in the home where germs and bacteria may be hanging about? Here are 5 surprising places germs may be hiding in your home.

The kitchen sink

When it comes to the germiest place in your homes, your kitchen tops the list, and your kitchen sponge and sink being one of the worst offenders. Dishwashing sponges are a hotbed for bacteria and germs to breed. According to microbiologist Dr.Charles Gerba, also known as “Dr.Germ”, your average kitchen sink contains more germs than the bathroom. That’s not hard to believe when you consider that this is the place where you wash off dirt, germs and food residue. “There’s more E. coli in a kitchen sink than in a toilet after you flush it” says Dr.Germ.

Britex tip: Heat damp sponges in the microwave for a minute to kill bacteria. At least once a week, remember to disinfect the sides and bottom of the sink.


Similar to the kitchen sink, if you picture what goes on in the kitchen, it comes as no surprise that your kitchen countertops are riddled with bacteria and germs. Results from an NSF study found coliform bacteria to be present in 30% of the homes tested. These bacteria can be traced back to the inappropriate handling of a wide array of food items including raw meat, poultry and unwashed produce. Experts advise against using the same bacteria riddled dishwashing sponge or sink rag to wipe down the countertops as this will only spread bacteria.

Britex tip: Have two sponges: one for benches, one for dishwashing. Or opt to use a kitchen disinfectant and disposable paper towel to wipe down countertops. Paper towels are great because of their absorbability.

Washing machine

You’d think that an appliance you fill with soap every cycle would be one of the cleanest places in your home, well think again. Often dirt, bacteria and even faecal matter from our clothes and undergarments are enough to contaminate a load of laundry, and even worse? The germs are likely to be transferred to the next batch of laundry as well. Wet laundry left in the machine, even for a short amount of time can also cause germs to flourish. Remember to periodically clean your washing machine tub to limit the germs as you do the laundry. Always wash your tea towels in a separate load, rather than throwing them in with your clothes.

Britex tip: At least once a month, run a hot cycle of vinegar to clear out germs in the machine. Letting your clothes dry in the sun will also kill any germs on your clothing that has survived the wash.

Handles and switches

Better Homes and Gardens reported that all kinds of dirt and germs can lurk in the most unexpected spots in your home. and one of the worst locations is handles and switches. Touched frequently but cleaned infrequently, your doorknobs, handles and light switches are some of the most common areas where germs congregate. Germs residing on these surfaces can also be easily transferred to another surface. A 2014 study has found that one germy doorknob could potentially infect half of an office within a few hours, so remember to disinfect regularly.

Britex tip: To prevent germs from spreading around the house, wipe down frequently used handles, switches and doorknobs at least once a week with a disinfectant. Do it more often if someone in your home is sick (or especially during flu season or the current COVID-19 pandemic)


Carpets are notorious for trapping all sorts of particles, from the more visible particles such as dirt, dust and pet dander to the more invisible ones such as bacteria and germs. While carpets provide a cosy and luxurious aesthetic, if they are not properly maintained, they can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. A microbiology research published in 2001 found that an average indoor carpet houses a staggering 4,000 times the amount of bacteria compared to a toilet seat!

So what do you do?

The good news is that regular vacuuming helps to remove some of the more visible nasties, but what do you do about the less visible ones? The Britex deep cleaning machine is one way to tackle the germs and bacteria on carpet. Choice recommended as the #1 carpet shampooer, the Britex deep cleaning machine is Australian’s preferred choice for DIY carpet cleaning. Not only will you save time and money by taking the DIY route, the Britex deep cleaning machine offers professional cleaning results that rivals most professional carpet cleaners on the market.

Britex tip: Did you know that using a Britex Carpet Cleaner with Britex Cleaning Solutions in a high traffic office area, reduced the bacterial load by up to 99.95%.

And while you’re deep cleaning your carpet, why not consider tackling another one of the dirtiest parts of your home as well – your upholstery. With the Britex interchangeable wand system, the Britex machine easily switches from a carpet cleaner to an upholstery cleaner, while still promising professional results. Get started on your post-ISO cleaning today! And if you’re feeling the need to clean, here are 5 cleaning tasks to prepare your home for a cosy winter.

All Britex products are available to hire at the Britex hire stand in Bunnings Warehouses, Woolworths, selected Coles, IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware Stores.

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