Why I let my kids make a mess at home


Find out how Britex Deep Carpet Cleaners helped this young mum say yes to mess.

Increase the value of your house in hours!


Thinking of selling? Britex can revive your pad and leave you with more in the bank come auction day.

Stop your cat from wetting the carpet – for good!


Cat owners, listen up: there’s an easy way to keep your pet from dirtying the carpet.

Confessions of a carpet clean freak: I love Britex!

clean freak

My carpets used to give me such grief – I could never get them clean enough! Until I discovered Britex.

How a deep carpet clean keeps my asthma at bay


Don’t be put off by carpet flooring anymore: the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine solves your asthma & allergy problems.

Why we trust DIY carpet cleaning over hiring professionals!

DIY or professional carpet cleaning

Find out why being ripped off by a professional cleaning business was a blessing in disguise for this young couple.

I came home to a trashed pad and I didn’t even care!


After my roommates threw a wild house party, the place was a complete mess. But I knew I could rely on Britex.

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