How to keep your home clean with cats

Keeping a Clean Home for Cat Owners

Every cat owner knows taking care of their fur baby involves both joys and struggles. Each scratch, bite and hair […]

Boxing day cleaning

Boxing Day Cleaning: Get your home back in order after Christmas

With Christmas comes a flurry of activities, presents and feasts, yet it feels like the day itself lasts for merely […]

woma cleaning kitchen

Kitchen cleaning for the festive season

The holidays are merely weeks away and your kitchen will be seeing a lot of action soon. Hosting a celebration […]


Common spots in your home you forgot to clean

A clean and tidy home is much more comfortable and relaxing than a dirty one. That’s why regular cleaning is […]

Britex cleaning solutions

Spring cleaning: How to get your kids involved

With school holidays just around the corner, why not keep the kids busy with some spring cleaning? Getting the kids […]

How to keep your bathroom sparkling clean with little effort

There’s nothing worse than a dirty, grimy bathroom, which is why it’s incredibly important to keep it squeaky clean so […]

Golden rules for stain removal

Sometimes, stains are unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t remove them. Dealing with immediate stains should be a [...]

5 tips to get your house clean for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and you might be wondering what the perfect gift for the occasion could be. Day [...]


How to clean your home after Easter celebrations

Easter is such a fun time of the year with fun family gatherings and a lot of good food. But […]

Common pet messes and how to clean them

Pets are important members of our families. As with human babies, going on the furry journey with your pet is […]

Back-to-school cleaning at home

Now that the kids have gone back to school, it’s the perfect time to hit reset and clean the house! […]

Carpet and tiles

Carpet or Tiles – What’s best for your home?

When building a new home or renovating there’s plenty of decisions to be made. When it comes to flooring, there […]

Britex spot n stain remover

Cleaning resolutions you can stick to all year round!

This 2021, clear your mind of the misconception that cleaning is a daunting task. If done effectively, cleaning can actually […]

How to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

Hosting a gathering during the holiday period is undoubtedly stressful. From organizing to getting the house ready for Christmas festivities, […]

Tips for Making Your Home Sparkling Clean for the Christmas Holidays

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, you might be starting to worry about the state of your home. There’s nothing […]

Britex Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s time to bid farewell to chilly winds and frosty nights and say hello to the warm air and glistening [...]


Why does my carpet smell

Ask any carpet owner and they’ll tell you how comfortable and cosy carpet makes their home. However, we all know […]

What’s hiding in your carpet?

Soft to the touch while adding warmth and comfort, it’s no wonder carpet-flooring has become the flooring of choice for […]

Signs your dog is anxious and how to spot it

Unlike their feline counterparts, dogs are universally more expressive and can produce in-depth facial expressions. The more time we spend [...]

5 surprising places where germs hide in our home

Many of us try our best to keep our homes free from harmful bacteria and germs. While it’s true that […]

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